'World's Sexiest' Dentist has clients queuing up to be examined by her

With her seductive picture sessions, a dentist named the "world's most beautiful" has amassed thousands of followers.

Many people view visiting the dentist as a chore or something to be avoided.

However, there is a line around the block for 28-year-old Dr. Marjan Nassiri's treatments.

World's most beautiful" DENTIST

With barely four years of medical school behind her, Marjan finds the hordes of admirers she has amassed overpowering.

The part-time model said she is flattered by the attention but is open to have conversations with individuals about morality.

Nowadays, Marjan is the best dentist in her practice in Manila, the Philippine capital, and spends her free time doing fashion and bikini photo shoots.

World's most beautiful" DENTIST

She claims that since she gained notoriety as "the most beautiful dentist in the world," patients are lining up to visit her.

Marjan stated, "It is kind of awkward and flattering at the same time, when people come to the surgery just to see me," to local media.

"But at least they get to have their teeth checked and we can have a longer conversation about their oral health."

World's most beautiful" DENTIST

Marjan, who is of Iranian heritage and speaks Arabic, Filipino, and English, says she went into dentistry to honor her father.

"I lost my mum years ago, and my dad worked hard for us to finish college and reach our dreams despite difficulties," Marjan, a self-described "daddy's girl," said.

Her father was her "inspiration," she claimed, adding that she was the family's first dentist.

World's most beautiful" DENTIST

Marjan also expressed that she wants to be recognized for more than her stunning appearance, despite her fame.

"Looks will fade," she stated, "so focus more on what can you contribute to the world because that's what makes you truly beautiful."

World's most beautiful" DENTIST

She claimed that leading a worthwhile life and doing what she liked were more important than appearances.

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World's most beautiful" DENTIST

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