BBC Sport huge boobs host Emma Jones says 'here's to a less horny 2024' as she shares fan's randy DM Helpline

'Here's to a less lustful 2024,' BBC Sports host Emma Jones said as she reveals fans' inappropriate direct messages.

BBC huge boobs Host Emma Jones created her own "DM helpline" to share more offensive messages she's gotten in a lighthearted manner, with the goal of seeing fewer of the same in 2024.

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ones is hoping the creepy messages calm down in 2024
Jones is hoping the creepy messages calm down in 2024

Emma Jones shared additional crass direct messages (DMs) she's gotten from fans and expressed her hope for a "less horny" 2024.

The sportscaster, who is employed by the BBC and other media companies, frequently shares some of the spookiest comments that show up in her email. She established her own "DM helpline" since things had become so terrible.

She's improvising a conversation with 'Roger' in a parody video, who is just one of many giddy, too enthusiastic admirers that go too far. She remarked: "You messaged a woman online, but she didn't respond? Okay, then Roger, you're at the correct spot. What was stated in the message?

Then, the following message appeared on the TikTok's screen: "Av, you have a webcam. I would like seeing your jubblies." Jones went on: "Camcorder? Roger, how recently have you utilized a webcam? "Over the years, it has proven useful"?

"Okay, that's not the point. The point is that telling a lady over the internet in an introductory message that you'd want to see her jubblies is really improper. Roger, I usually encourage our callers to start out by asking a question. Yes, you did pose a query.

The next message displayed on the screen was, "Wud u shake them on cam for me?" "Yeah not really the question I had in mind to be honest with you Roger," said Jones.

'Hello, how are you?' was more or less what I had in mind. "What have you been doing this week?" Yes, I understand that you're eager to see her jubblies, Roger, but after those messages, I'm assuming she hasn't rattled them for you on the webcam? I didn't think so.

"Listen, Roger. I would advise you to quit being so horny in your opening messages and to put away your webcam. Thank you, Roger. Happy New Year. Please quit being so horny. "Be careful, good bye."

Jones posted the video to her social media accounts and wrote as the description, "The DM hotline has been quite busy this time of year. Cheers to a less promiscuous 2024!"

Along with tougher leggings, she's hoping for a better New Year after hers broke during a workout last week, revealing a hole in her pants that she was unaware of.

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