Huge Boobs Sports host leaves MotoGP star Jorge Lorenzo 'showing world champion concentration'

After a recent interview with Italian huge boobs sports host Maria Arreghini, MotoGP icon Jorge Lorenzo proved he still has it eight years after he last hoisted a world title.

In Jorge Lorenzo's case, at least, class is permanent.

Sports host with 36F boobs Bra has 'wardrobe malfunction' – and Conor McGregor approves
Sports host with 36F boobs Bra has 'wardrobe malfunction' – and Conor McGregor approves

That comes after the legendary MotoGP star's resolve was tested to the breaking point during a recent interview with Italian sports anchor Maria Arreghini (with 36F Bra Size). And to survive such a test without letting their gaze wander would need the focus of a three-time world champion.

Former Yamaha, Ducati, and Honda racer Lorenzo is no stranger to keeping his eyes on the prize. He was faced with his biggest obstacle since leaving the track four years ago. However, no motorcycles were damaged as he struggled to fight the urge to peer at his host from below the collar.

After being well-known on Italian television, Arreghini, 25, has seen a sharp increase in her stock price in the last several months. Notable people have also taken notice of her, including UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who has been seen admiring her kind posts on Instagram.

It's understandable why for two main reasons: the blonde beauty has a tendency of highlighting her breasts both inside and outside of the office. In their one-on-one meeting, she was just as admiring of Lorenzo as he was, but perhaps less so than the retired race car star.

As evidenced by one viewer's response in the comments section, "Um, what was this about? Somehow, I was preoccupied." Even though the interview was in Italian, someone else laughed, saying, "I don't speak Spanish." However, I watched the entire video."Since that Lorenzo, 36, is reportedly unmarried right now, at least it seems like he has no one at home to insult. And if someone can capture his attention, he may be quite the catch due to his seeming talent for unwavering focus.

Lorenzo shifted his competitive focus to automobiles and is presently a full-time driver in the Porsche Supercup, even though he is no longer on the MotoGP grid. Though he finished 15th in Austria, his season's highest performance, he has yet to have much success in his first European campaign. 

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