What 1983 Miss Türkiye and Miss Japan have in common?

Ukrainian-born winner of the Miss Japan beauty contest, 26-year-old Carolina Shiino, lost her crown after her affair with a married man was revealed. In a similar incident that took place in Turkey, Miss 1983 Hülya Avşar was deprived of her crown on the grounds that she violated the marriage rule.

What 1983 Miss Türkiye Hülya Avşar and Miss Japan Carolina Shiino have in common?
What 1983 Miss Türkiye Hülya Avşar and Miss Japan Carolina Shiino have in common?

In an event that became a hot topic in Japan, 26-year-old Ukrainian-born Carolina Shiino, who was elected Miss Japan in January, lost her crown within a month of each other.

The coronation of Shiino, who later gained citizenship, was criticized by some in Japan on the grounds that she did not represent traditional Japanese beauty ideals.

Following the criticism, the allegation that Shiino was having an affair with a married and influential doctor came to the fore. The doctor did not give any explanation.

While the organizers of the competition initially defended Shiino by saying that she did not know that the man was married, the organizers later admitted that the woman had information about the man's marriage and family.

While the Miss Japan organization announced that Shiino's crown was taken back, Shiino said in a statement that she acted in "fear" and "panic".

The title of Miss Japan was not transferred to the second selected contestant and remained vacant until next year.


Hülya Avşar was chosen as Miss Turkey in 1983, but her crown was taken away 2 days later when it was revealed that she had married and divorced at a young age.

It has been announced that the 'non-marriage' rule, which is strictly applied in beauty contests, will be abolished as of the 72nd Miss Universe.

Speaking about this issue last year, Avşar said, “Then I am thinking of participating again. On this occasion, I can also get the title of 'Miss Universe' that I have in my heart. I think the age limit has also been lifted!” he said.

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