Big Curves Queen Abigail Ratchford Bra Size, Body Measurement, Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriends, boobs Size

Abigail Ratchford – Boobs Size, Short Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Measurement – 2021”

Introducing: Big boobs Abigail Ratchford

In Lana Del Ray’s words, Abigail Ratchford is young and beautiful. Striving to be a professional actress, she is currently an American model located in the golden state of California. Her modeling career began in 2013 with the use of the most powerful tool of communication currently in existence: social media.

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Big Curves Queen Abigail Ratchford Bra Size, Body Measurement, Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriends,

With photographs of her absolutely incredible, gorgeous, and curvy body posted on her social media, Abigail rapidly gained thousands of followers who have been supporting her endeavors since the very beginning. Currently, she has approximately 3.3 million followers in total on her social media, and she has been featured in several magazines and other places online for her stunning figure. She has also been offered the opportunity to play small roles in some shows and films – the most known show most likely being Parks and Recreation, a comedic favorite for the American population.

Although she’s been successful so far in her career, Abigail is eager to focus on achieving her dream of becoming a Hollywood star.

Huge Tits Abigail Ratchford Breast Implants?

With such an impressive hourglass figure, it leads people to ponder what the model’s bra size is. This question may be able to be answered on a site dedicated to all of the measurements. Furthermore, it begs the question of whether or not if Abigail has had breast implants with her impressive chest. There has been some speculation on this particular topic, and through the use of photographs throughout the last several years, we are able to observe in order to confirm or deny any suspicions.

There are four types of pictures that Abigail has posted on her official website: glamour, headshot, lingerie, and swimwear. When the question of breast implants versus natural breasts comes into question, one of the few key attributes is to see if one’s chest will stick straight up – rather than flat – respectively, when lying down. In her lingerie section, there are a couple of photos where Abigail is posing on her back, and her chest appears to be anything but flat.

Another way in order to tell if Abigail’s bra size has been increased through the use of implants is to check current pictures from ones approximately four or so years ago; essentially, a year before her popularity sky-rocketed online. When searching images of Abigail from 2012, her chest appears to be smaller than what it is now. However, this is merely from glancing at the pictures side by side with the naked eye – and a human’s eyesight has been proven to be questionable a majority of the time.

What Biggest Breasts Abigail Ratchford has to say

There isn’t much to be found around the Internet regarding Abigail confirming nor denying whether or not her chest is the result of surgery. There is plenty of speculation and gossip, of course, but nothing that concrete that would agree or not with the rumors; although, that is to be expected, as sizes are usually personal information. There have been, however, articles regarding how Abigail has imitated Kim Kardashian’s trend of a “Break the Internet” pose during late last year.

When browsing her social media sites such as her official website and her Instagram, there are only photographs showing off how glamorous she is. This is to be expected, especially as she is a model. If you check her out for yourself, maybe try to like a few things to offer her some support!


There are only a few things that we can say for certain about Abigail Ratchford: the primary statement being the model is dazzling.Speculation will perpetually exist, even if there ever are proven facts to be revealed in either the near or distant future. Although we are not personally able to confirm the rumors regarding having surgery completed on her chest, we are still able to appreciate her radiance. But implants or not, her figure is one to admire and is quite aesthetically pleasing in her photos – particularly on her official site.

With a brilliant smile and daring poses, Abigail is ready to charm the world and to succeed in her ultimate goal of becoming a famous actress.

Body Features & Measurements

Height 173 CM

5 Feet 8 Inches

Eye color Green

Hair color Dark Brown

Weight 63 KG 139 lbs

Shoe Size 9 (US)

Dress Size 6 (US)

Figure Measurements 36DD-24-36

Figure Type Hourglass

Body Type Large

Bra Size 36DD

Waist Size 24

Hip size 36

Facts & Trivia

Ethnicity: Abigail is of French, German & Irish descent.

Duckface beauty: She often makes the cute duck face.

'More Bounce to the Ounce': A program with the TMZ titled 'More Bounce to the Ounce' really blew the number of her followers upwards.

Queen of Curves: She is fondly called 'Queen of Curves', she is one of the curvaceous beauties on the social media space.

Abigail on playboy: She has made a video with the playboy, but she has not shot photos with them though.

Nude posing: She hasn't posed nude so far and doesn't intend to start doing it any time soon.

A crazy fan: Once a young man waited outside her house for a whole night to get a selfie with her in the morning.

Liam Neeson impression: She sometimes does Liam Neeson impressions while watching TV. she is multi-talented.

Commercials: She has had numerous billboard commercials among other types of commercials.

Miss Pennsylvania: She had participated in the Miss Pennsylvania competition in 2012/13. It is a competition which would allow the winner to participate in the Miss America competition. Abigail had hired a custom coach for $2000 to help her prepare for the competition. She reached the semi-finals of the competition but got eliminated at that stage.

Health issues: She had Asthma as a kid.

Love for Victoria's Secret: She wants to model for 'Victoria's Secret'.

Merchandise: She has her own merchandise on her website, she has her own calendar and swimsuit issue. It is believed that she gets about 70% of the profit while the product team gets 30%.

Movie Lover: She is an avid movie fan, she knows a lot of movie trivia.

Residence: She lives in Beverly Hills for her work.

Winking expert: She is good at winking, she would be a champion if there was a contest.

Trademark: Her voluptuous breasts & her barbie doll face (with those pretty blue eyes) are her USP.

Very organized: she is a very organized person, she has whiteboards everywhere in her house where she has listed her monthly goals, both career-wise and personal growth-wise. 

Childhood Dream: As a child, she wanted to study veterinary medicine and become a Veterinary doctor, but she had a series of problems related to animal allergies, especially cats and dogs, it made her drop the idea.

Outrageously curvy bombshell: In their 2016 coverage of Abigail, Maxim magazine called her 'outrageously curvy bombshell'.

Questions & Answers

What kind of men turn her off?

Those who are arrogant, brag about themselves, name drop to impress, those who smoke, Lie, show off the money they have.

What kind of men does she feel attracted towards?

Funny guys, with a good sense of humor with some wisdom, intelligence, and sarcasm.

What kind of physical appearance does she not like in men?

Men who are too much in shape with chiseled abs and such, she likes normal people, like actors.

What Acts turn her on?

Kissing on ears, not rushing

What is an Ideal date according to her?

Dinner, concert, long talk outdoors, cocktails.

What makes her feel sexy?

She feels sexy when she is in a guy's shirt, and when she has tousled hair.

What is she scared of?

She doesn't know how to swim, she is scared of swimming.

How much money does she make?

In 2017 August interview with New York Post, she revealed that she made $170k on Instagram.

In 2019, LAD Bible estimated that she makes about $900k per year from her postings on Instagram & Snapchat.

In 2019, Daily star reported that she is paid about $8000 per her Instagram post by the brands.

She said that her calendar that was released in October 2019 was worth six-figure sum.

What should a man always do in bed?

"I like a man who takes control in bed and isn’t afraid to take charge. Also, foreplay and lots of kissing is way better than rushing to the main event"

What should a man never do in bed?

"A man should never be timid or rush through the foreplay to get right into the main event. You need to let the excitement build up."

One thing a guy can do to make her fall?


Barstool casting couch: She was initially associated with "Barstool casting couch".

She worked at a family member's dentist clinic as a secretary.

Working at the bar: She previously worked in a bar as a bartender

Work as a paralegal: She has worked as a paralegal.

Some of the brands she has promoted or has appeared in commercials for are:

Fashion Nova (had a contract)

Ignite (had a contract)

Is Abigail Ratchford is a Megan Fox look alike?

Abigail has some resemblances to Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox, they both are certainly worshipped for their figures, even apart from that the facial resemblances between the two are unmissable.

Abigail Ratchford Boyfriend List

Jamie Iovine (Ex; dated before 2015)

Klay Thompson (rumored)

James Peperno (Ex;2013; Businessman)

Kristaps Porzingis (rumored)

Johnny Manziel (Ex)

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