South Korean Mask Kosk: What Is It? Would You Wear This Nose Mask?

A South Korean mask-manufacturing company has developed an intriguing mask that is gradually gaining traction on social media due to its shape and use. The 'Kosk' mask is a type of mask that can be worn while eating or drinking, as it only covers the nose and leaves the mouth free.

KOSK: The New Mask That Divided The Netizens

The term 'Kosk' refers to a combination of words; 'Ko' is Korean for "nose" and 'Sk' is the term for the mask. In a box of ten, the tiny mask is available on online retailer Coupang for 9,800 won ($8.13; Rs 610). It is manufactured by a company called Atman.

 The mask is advertised on multiple online platforms and is marked as a KF80 mask, where KF stands for 'Korean Filter,' and the number following the abbreviation denotes the filtering efficiency of the mask, which is able to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. Accordingly, the KF80 mask will be capable of filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns with 80 per cent efficiency.

As soon as the images of the masks appeared on social media, several internet users mocked the company, while others simply criticized the design.

In our opinion, the kosk, in no way can help protect one from the COVID-19 infection which is airborne in nature, and covering your mouth along with your nose is equally important.

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