Google will release its new Pixel Smart Watch; here are its features

Google’s new Pixel Smart Watch will be launched soon, know the features here

The Google Pixel Watch, a new smartwatch from Google, will shortly be released. This new Google Pixel smartwatch will stand out in a number of ways. This brand-new Google Pixel Watch will go up against Apple Watch. The forthcoming Google Pixel smartwatch launch has been disclosed by tipper Evan Blass. However, no information on the launch date of this Pixel Smart Watch has been revealed in the leaked report that has so far been obtained.

The Google Pixel Smart Watch is anticipated to debut this year in 2022. While the business has verified that Apple's new smartwatch will debut at the company presentation. The Pixel Rohan codename for this anticipated Google smart watch has been noted in sources. As you are aware, Google's first smartwatch has long been known by the codename Rohan Pixel.

The most recent Wear OS 3.1 version will be compatible with Google's new Pixel Smart Watch. As such, allow us to inform you that Wear OS 3.1 has been released with some upgrades from version 3.0.

This impending new smart watch from Google will have a circular shape and sophisticated ECG monitoring when it is released on the market. This smartwatch now has a few fundamental sensors. This smartwatch will also come with some incredible health and fitness-related capabilities.

Leaked rumours have also revealed that this smart watch may be available with 32GB of internal storage. Additionally, this Google wearable device can be equipped with a top-notch processor. On the other hand, no information on the cost of this smartwatch has yet been received.

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