Ex Miss Universe wore bo*ld dress without Undergarments, people said 'Have some shame'


When Miss Universe wore a dress like that without undergarments, many said, "Have some shame."

Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, looked hot and beautiful without any undergarments, accessorizing with a brown purse and shoes that matched her outfit. Her headpiece was also really lovely. Fans responded really well to the photographs that were released one by one on Sunday.

Every news item relating to her, whether she is Miss World, Miss Universe, or the woman who was named the most beautiful woman in any nation, is regarded seriously. People, i.e. her admirers, copy every fashion decision and action she makes. While some are able to communicate with them by getting near to them, others undoubtedly do so via social media.

Olivia came out without those clothes

When Miss America and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, a resident of America, was discovered wearing an odd dress and no underwear in this circumstance, she received both positive and negative feedback.

Some individuals praised her for wearing the outfit bare-chested, while others appropriated the look from My Body-My Choice and Gorgeous-Beautiful for Gandi Baat.

The internet was shocked when 29-year-old extremely attractive Olivia Culpo revealed images of her vacation on social media, claims a story in the Daily Star. Don't ask what occurred after she shared selfies with her 5 million Instagram followers. In fact, everyone noticed Olivia's odd outfit when she recently went out to dinner wearing a perfectly fitting beige drawstring dress.

Within a short period of time, millions of likes, comments, and views

Beauty contest Olivia accessorized her sexy and fashionable ensemble with a brown purse and heels that matched. Her headgear also had a really cool appearance. Her admirers responded incredibly well to the photographs she released one after another on Sunday. People immediately flooded the post with likes, comments, and shares, describing it as attractive. A fan on Instagram said, "Stunning." So, other admirers said that I would have dressed even less if I looked like you. Others praised the dress, while some referred to her as the queen.

Miss Universe Trolled

Not all of the celebs' social media fans are talented writers. Numerous individuals posted derogatory comments about these photos of Olivia. That is, not every admirer was complimenting the outfit the model was sporting in the images at the same moment. People questioned Honey Bunny's class when she answered them. Similar to that, a follower remarked, why bother to dress? So many people remarked, "Always these indecent clothing," oops.

The picture came after this claim

In reality, Olivia had revealed that an American Airlines employee had ordered her to wear a top and called her dress unattractive just a few days prior to the commencement of this series of praise and criticism. Because of this, many of her supporters are also defending her with this post.

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