Divorce Rates in 2023: Which Country has the Highest Divorce Rate in the World?

Divorce Rates in 2023: Which Country has the Highest Divorce Rate in the World?
Divorce Rate in America is 45%

 Divorce is becoming more and more common in this day and age. It’s not unusual to see headlines of our favourite celebrity couples throwing in the towel on their marriage and divorce stories on our social media feeds, news networks, and television.

We’ve taken a closer look at the divorce rate by country across the globe and it appears that overall, marriage is becoming less popular, yet divorce and separation appears to be on the rise, see below.

Divorce Rate by Country in 2023 According to World of Statistics:

🇮🇳India: 1%
🇻🇳Vietnam: 7%
🇹🇯Tajikistan: 10%
🇮🇷Iran: 14%
🇲🇽Mexico: 17%
🇪🇬Egypt: 17%
🇿🇦South Africa: 17%
🇧🇷Brazil: 21%
🇹🇷Turkey: 25%
🇨🇴Colombia: 30%
🇵🇱Poland: 33%
🇯🇵Japan: 35%
🇩🇪Germany: 38%
🇬🇧United Kingdom: 41%
🇳🇿New Zealand: 41%
🇦🇺Australia: 43%
🇨🇳China: 44%
🇺🇸United States: 45%
🇰🇷South Korea: 46%
🇩🇰Denmark: 46%
🇮🇹Italy: 46%
🇨🇦Canada: 47%
🇳🇱Netherlands: 48%
🇸🇪Sweden: 50%
🇨🇵France: 51%
🇧🇪Belgium: 53%
🇫🇮Finland: 55%
🇨🇺Cuba: 55%
🇺🇦Ukraine: 70%
🇷🇺Russia: 73%
🇱🇺Luxembourg: 79%
🇪🇦Spain: 85%
🇵🇹Portugal: 94%

How Many Marriages End in Divorce?

So, what about the famous statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce? That’s true, but only when it comes to first marriages, half of which are dissolved. Second and third marriages actually fail at a far higher rate.

When Do Couples Divorce?

When marriages end, usually some time has passed since the wedding. In fact, the average length of a marriage prior to divorce is eight years.

How Long Does Divorce Take and How Much Does It Cost?

Divorces take time. Contested divorces usually take over a year to finalize—although simple divorces can be completed in as little as three months. Divorce comes at a big cost, with couples spending an average of $7,000 to dissolve their union.

What Happens After Divorce?

Many who divorce don’t give up on the institution of marriage, though. A total of 64% of men and 52% of women get married again after their marriage has ended.

Divorce Is Still a Pressing Issue Worldwide

There’s no denying that divorce is still a very prominent issue in this day and age. As the years go by, divorce rates continue to rise, especially in well-developed countries like Russia and Latvia.

With marriage rates plummeting, most governments are aware of the issue and are actively working to improve marriage rates, so divorce isn’t the first option when couples have a hard time with their marriage.

If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia for that matter and you are going through a separation or divorce, you can always count on us for all your family law needs.

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