6 Worlds Largest Cinema Halls with screens and Seating

The biggest movie theaters in the globe may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2023, but I can tell you about some of the biggest ones that were around then:

6 Worlds Largest Cinema Halls with screens and Seating
6 Worlds Largest Cinema Halls with screens and Seating

 The 6 Biggest Movie Theaters in the World

1. Kinepolis Brussels (Brussels, Belgium): With 28 screens and more than 7,600 seats, Kinepolis Brussels in Brussels, Belgium, is one of the world's biggest movie theater complexes.

2. The Roxy Theatre (Kolkata, India): The Roxy Theatre is a large theater with a capacity of around 2,200 people. It is renowned for its opulence. One of the biggest single-screen movie theaters in the whole globe.

3. Cinepolis Lagoon (Mexico City, Mexico): One of the biggest movie theaters in the Americas is Cinepolis Lagoon in Mexico City. 18 screens and more than 9,000 seats are available.

4. Cine de Chef (Seoul, South Korea): In Seoul, South Korea, there is a posh movie theater called Cine de Chef. With space for about 600 people, it offers luxurious seats, fine food, and a sizable IMAX screen.

5. Cineplex Yonge-Dundas (Toronto, Canada): In the center of Toronto, Canada, sits the enormous cinema complex known as Cineplex Yonge-Dundas. It has over 20 screens and can accommodate up to 4,000 spectators.

6. BFI IMAX (London, United Kingdom): With a seating capacity of around 500 people, the BFI IMAX in London is one of the biggest IMAX theaters in the world. Huge screen and immersive movie experience are its two main selling points.

Final Words

Please be aware that rankings and dimensions of movie halls are subject to change over time, and that additional theaters may have been constructed after my previous update in September 2021. For the most recent information on the biggest movie theaters in the globe, it is a good idea to check the most recent information.

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