Snooker match stoped when 'Loud Sex' noises rang from the audience

While audience disturbances occasionally cause snooker matches to be momentarily halted, Mark Allen's motive for pausing his play at the UK Championships was rather different.

The sound of a cell phone ringing, people chatting, or audience members moving about are all frequent causes for the snooker referee to interrupt play and request silence.

Allen saw the funny side of the interruption
Allen saw the funny side of the interruption

Few, though, can truly claim to have left the table for the same reason as Mark Allen did at the 2018 UK Championship. The Northern Irishman, who was facing Basem Eltahhan, had already amassed 76 points on his table visit and was quite close to breaking the century mark.

But the World No. 7 of the time lost focus, taking a step backwards rather than setting up a pot and laughing to himself instead. Several onlookers appeared to be sharing his amusement.But there was excellent cause for the laughs. The 36-year-old Allen had been distracted by spectator noise, but it wasn't voices or chairs rising.

There had been some pretty loud groaning from the stands, indicating that two fans might have been having a bit too much fun. The audio, as it turned out, was from mobile phone film, much to the organizers' undying relief.

Allen was lining up a red when he heard 'noises' in the crowd
Allen was lining up a red when he heard 'noises' in the crowd.

Now that he'd seen the bright side of events, Allen could at least return to his work. After readjusting his stance and potting the red, he defeated his Egyptian opponent 6-2.

Allen, the six-time ranking champion who advanced to the World Championship semifinals in 2009, ultimately made it to the championship match. It was there when Ronnie O'Sullivan defeated him 10–6.

The Rocket has had his share of questionable situations at the table, including one time at The Crucible when he almost broke his cue after missing a red against Matthew Stevens. Once, he even removed his shoes and played for a little while in his socks.

Even in the current World Championship, he received criticism for making a pornographic gesture after missing a black in his victory over David Gilbert. Despite his colorful antics throughout the years, 'The Rocket' has never had to halt his performance because of sexual sounds.

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