Top 10 Best Gym Hacks Girls Need To Know

Health and fitness are an important part of a girl’s regular day-to-day regimen. A young woman must strive to achieve good physical fitness and well-being to able to perform her duties and daily activities either she is a student, an employee or a young entrepreneur.

For the girl-on-the-go, every second of her time counts. These tips below give every fit girl like you enough chance to enjoy your fitness lifestyle but does not really compromise your precious time.

1. Keep your hair ready
Admit it, hair wet from sweat and dangling either on your side, on the back of your neck or worst, in front of your eyes during a workout, is just irritating. No. 1 gym hack: Keep your hair ready and possibly, keep it intact in one place. Braid your hair, including the bangs if you have one.

Reminder, bobby pins may slip away and simple ponytails may not give the crisp and clean look you want. Just the same, be always ready, save spare hair ties and place them either on your hairbrush, on your keychain and clip it on your bag’s strap.

2. Prepare water and recovery snacks on-hand
If you prefer drinking cold water but does not have a thermal bottle, freeze half-filled water in your water bottle overnight. Place the water bottle in the freezer lying on its side. Before you go to the gym, fill it up more with water.

Pack the protein shake right. A protein shake is one perfect workout buddy to aid you in your recovery after a workout. It is better to prepare your shake right after your workout. It will mix better if you place water first on your shaker before the powder. To make a protein shake more on-the-go, put it in a little salt-and-pepper shaker.

Add healthy snacks to your gym essentials. These fruits energize you, rehydrate, reduce muscle soreness and help you recover faster: oranges, apples, raisins and tart cherries.

3. Keep your gym bag ready-to-go
To make your gym bag looking and smelling clean again, wash it and hang it dry thoroughly. Anyway, if it’s not possible to wash it every day, you can put a few used tea bags at the bottom of your bag after every use to keep it smelling fresh. The tea bags absorb all the foul odor of your gym bag.

Pack your shoes right. Make sure to wrap your workout shoes properly before loading them in your gym bag. Cover your shoes’ soles with a plastic shower cap before totally packing them.

Store the wet clothes right. Store your damp clothes, socks and towel immediately after every workout. Don’t just throw these items in your bag but instead, use plastic zipper bags for this purpose. This way, you also prevent your bag from moistening and smelling bad.

4. Use medical tape to keep clothes from flying
To keep your workout clothes secure during floor exercise routines. use medical tape. It will prevent your gear from hanging too low, exposing your bare body or flying all over your face.

5. Use microfiber towel
Microfiber towels are perfect to use for workout and gym routines. This kind of towels quickly absorb sweat and also will dry up faster than ordinary towels.

6. Use yoga mats for a deeper leg-press routine.
For an additional lift, place a rolled-up yoga mat against the back of the seat. Doing this enables you to press deeply toward the leg press machine; yet, effortlessly and minimizing the risk to injure yourself.

7. Make your own tripod with gym equipment.
Do you want to record your own fitness activities at the gym? Why not try this DIY tripod? Tie up your mobile phone using rubbing bands to any sturdy machine’s pole or bars. Slip a rubber band on one side of your phone. Position your phone in front of a bar and then, stretch the rubber band behind the bar. Pull it also onto the other side of the phone to fasten your phone in place.

8. Cut up a pool noodle to use as a DIY fat grip
To work out on arm muscles, make customized fat grips out of pool noodles to save you the costs of paying for additional equipment. Measure up and cut pool noodles that fit the size of the fat grip. Slip them onto bars.

9. Keep your sneakers fresh.
If it is not possible to wash your gym shoes after every workout, try using any of these hacks guaranteed to get rid of the foul odor from your shoes.

Reuse tea bags. Place a few tea bags inside each shoe, leave it overnight and the tea leaves will naturally suck all the stench.

Baking soda. Add a tablespoon of baking soda powder in a napkin and tied it with a ribbon to secure it. Put it in your gym shoes to remove the smell and freshen it up again.

10. Use a tennis ball as a handy massage tool.
An unused tennis ball can be helpful as a massage ball for your sore muscles. This simple tool allows you to extend to some body parts you cannot usually reach by your own arms. Use this DIY massage ball on a painful spot and apply the right pressure to relieve muscle soreness and to revitalize your trigger points.

So, there! Either you aim to lose or maintain your weight, sticking up to your fitness goals doesn’t need to be so gruesome or tiresome as it seems. Following these helpful gym hacks improves the quality of your workout and at the same time, makes your fitness routines easier, comfortable and less painful.

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