Pakistan vs England: England can score 500? against Pakistan after chasing 481?

The second match between Pakistan and England is likely to be played on a surface famous for huge scores.

The match between Pakistan and England on Monday will be played on a similar pitch on which England have twice broken the record for highest ODI score, accumulating 481 for 6 against Australia a year ago and 444 for 3 against Pakistan in 2016.

Considering the change in the approach of England’s batting since 2015, it is most likely that England would be the first team to score 500 in an ODI at Trent Bridge on the same surface which will use for tomorrow’s match. The talk of the town is that would tomorrow be the day when England will achieve this milestone.

Pakistani fans would not be amazed at this news and they would be hoping that their team could turn the tables tomorrow and come out as a winning side.

This track is two away from the strip utilized on Friday when Pakistan was skipped out for 105, and, so, most likely the best batting surface on the planet for ODI cricket at present.

This news must be a shocker for bowlers of both sides because if you are a bowler you don’t want to play on a track like this which is considered a graveyard for bowlers.

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