Top 10 Croatian Hottest Women | Most Beautiful & Sexiest Girls of Croatia

It cannot really be denied that Croatia has some of the most beautiful women. Croatian models happen to be some of the most gorgeous and stunning women in the world. Several of Croatian models have even participated in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, some of whom have even been mentioned on this list. These Croatian women also happen to be quite multi-talented. That is why it is worth mentioning the top 5 most beautiful Croatian women, who are undoubtedly some of the world’s hottest beauties.
Croatian women are tall, tanned and lean. Most of them have dark hair, but blonde women among them are also very common. All the croatian women have mediterranean olive skin tone thanks to the excellent weather conditions. They are very elegant with long necks and model figures.
Croatian national character differs such features as moderation and calm, which is combined with the joy and openness to dialogue. To make sure that croatian women really have an unusual beauty of the southern slavic everyone can just by looking at their charming models and winners of beauty contests.

10- Marija Piskac
Birth Name: Marija Piskac
Age: 33, born 9 December 1985
Born and residing in:  Croatia
Height: 5' 8"

9- Iva Jerkovic
Birth Name: Iva Jerkovic
Age: 38, born 27 June 1981
Country of origin:  Croatia

8- Ana Tanic
Birth Name: Ana Tanic
Age: 33, born 15 August 1985
Country of origin:  Croatia
Currently Residing In:  United States
Height: 5' 8"
Relationship Status: Married
Ana Tanic is a Croatian model born in Zagreb, Croatia on the 15th of August 1985.

She speaks Croatian, English, Italian and French. She's been seen in; Selmark lingerie Spring/Summer 2011, Baldini, Mariella Rosati, Fabert, Cimarron, Femme magazine

7- Suzana Horvat
Birth Name: Suzana Horvat
Country of origin:  Croatia
Currently Residing In:  United Kingdom
Height: 5' 10"

6- Stefani Sober
Birth Name: Stefani Šober
Age: 27, born 29 November 1991
Country of origin:  Croatia

5- Sanja Vejnovic
Birth Name: Sanja Vejnović
Age: 57, born 8 August 1961
Born and residing in:  Croatia
Relationship Status: Married
Partner: Goran Mećava
Sanja Vejnović (born 8 August 1961) is a Croatian film and television actress.

Vejnović started her film career in 1978, with Branko Ivanda film Court Martial. She came under international spotlight in Vatroslav Mimica's 1981 epic The Falcon where she played Anđa, the wife of the Serbian hero Strahinja Banović.

Vejnović married filmographer Goran Mećava in 1984 and the couple have a son named Andrej and a daughter named Marta.

4- Josipa Kusic
Birth Name: Josipa Kusic
Age: 31, born 1988
Country of origin:  Croatia

3- Elizabeta Burg
Birth Name: Elizabeta Burg
Age: 25, born 1 October 1993
Country of origin:  Croatia
Height: 5' 10"

2- Anita Dujic
Birth Name: Anita Dujic
Country of origin:  Croatia
Anita Dujic is an actress, known for Pod sretnom zvijezdom (2011), Vecer na 8. katu (2013) and Exkluziv Tabloid (2010). She has been married to Ivan Veljaca since 2013.

1- Iva Maslac
Age: 22, born 14 March 1997
Country of origin:  Croatia
Height 5' 8½'' / 174  Bust 31½'' / 80  Waist 23'' - 58  Hips 34½'' - 87  Shoe 4 - 37  Hair Brown  Eyes Brown

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