Former Disney actress Bella Thorne honoured for debut with Adult film

Not content with singing and acting, Bella Thorne decided to take a foray into the porn world this year. And her sideways career move seems to have paid off, as the 21-year-old is being honoured by Pornhub for her directorial debut.
The Shake It Up actress is set to receive the Vision Award at the 2nd Annual Pornhub Awards next month, after debuting her film Her & Him several weeks ago
Bella said: ‘I’m excited for visions of beauty like this to be shed in a new light.

‘Breaking the taboo of what’s classified as beautiful has always been a vision of mine and it brings me such joy to see this being recognized for what it truly is…beautiful visionary art.’

Her & Him stars porn stars Small Hands and Abella Danger and, according to Pornhub, ‘depicts an edgy 20-something guy who stumbles upon a surprise text in his girlfriend’s phone, interrupting their morning routine and spinning everything into an out-of-control sexually charged encounter’.
Bella explained to TooFab that she was inspired by Gaspar Noe’s explicit film Love, saying: ‘It’s a little bit on the psychological side of like a cat-and-mouse game that I really liked.

‘And I think that speaks for a lot of our male vs. female constantly when it doesn’t really need to be like that, but there’s always this level of dominance and submissive and how that plays such a big role in general in life, so I wanted to do something like that. So I brought it into a sense where you could really see it so it’s physical.’ The adult film was made as part of Pornhub’s Visionaries Directors Club series, which also saw Brooke Candy and Young MA get behind the camera.
While Bella has made her porn debut (kind of), she isn’t giving up the day job.

It has been announced that the star, who split from partners Mod Sun and Tana Mongeau this year, will be back for the sequel to teen comedy-horror The Babysitter.

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