Teenage Hottest actress Alizeh Shah’s Real Age Revealed

Ishq Tamaha was topping the TRP charts and the one face that shined out all the others was that of young actress Alizeh Shah. Alizeh Shah has just joined the industry. She is young, she is beautiful and she is talented. The young girl has become a constant favorite since her debut and possibly we will be seeing her in so many projects she is busy shooting for now.

Alizeh though has started her career and is appearing as a leading lady now but she is quite young. But as we can see from her work she is not letting her age come in the way. She recently did a photoshoot where she was dressed up as a bride and people just went gaga over it.

Alizeh came on the popular show Mazaqraat where she revealed her age. Alizeh is just 17 years old and didn’t vote as she is very young. The host even joked about that she wouldn’t even have a National ID Card yet to which she responded that she didn’t have it. But then again as Vasay also said, talent is talent and it is not connected to how young or old are you. Here watch Alizeh revealing her age:
Well we think Alizeh is going to do supremely well in the industry. Don’t you agree?

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