Top 10 most popular GIFs of 2019 | Most Viewed Animated Photos of the Year

GIFs are an internet language of their own. Even if we don't all pronounce it the same way, we instantly know a person's intention by the GIF they use.

Thankfully, Giphy, the largest GIF search engine, is here to tell us how people felt in 2019 by the GIFs they used. You're sure to see a couple familiars, but perhaps a few surprises, too.
There's nothing quite like a perfectly timed GIF response, so feel more than free to take these gems into 2020 and beyond. Here are the 10 most used GIFs of 2019, according to Giphy.

10- "Happy Excited Dance" by Khalid — 169.7 million views
From the "Young Dumb and Broke" music video, Khalid's care-free vibing to his own music was for all those moments we had no choice but to dance through the precariousness and uncertainty of 2019.
9- “No Way SMH” by Desus & Mero — 179 million views
The Kid Mero shaking his head is "nope nope nope nope" personified. Best used for any sort of bug-in-the-house situation, in our opinion.

8- “I Love You Hearts” by Mia Page — 181.6 million views
We love a wholesome GIF of two hearts hugging and creating a little mini heart! The year 2019 needed all the love it could get.

7- Keanu Reeves “Thank You” by Netflix — 195.4 million views
It's only fitting that Keanu Reeves found his way onto this list. Keanu didn't get much screen time in Always Be My Maybe, but he gave us an iconic look, has he always does.
6- “Happy Cheering” by Bluesbear — 197.3 million views
Listen, it's freaking cute, alright? It's just really really freaking cute. That alone justifies usage.

5- “Great Job” by Bounce TV — 259.6 million views
Plenty of people are looking for a quality "thumbs up" GIF. Carl Anthony Payne (Bounce TV’s Last Call) took the top spot in that category.

4- “Happy Good Morning” by Samm Henshaw — 261.6 million views
Need some positive vibes? This GIF's got 'em in spades.
3- “Say Hello” by Nick Jonas — 289.1 million views
Sometimes saying "hi" is harder than it seems. No worries. GIFs are here to help. 289.1 million people had Nick Jonas do it for them.

2- “Angry” by Shameless — 382.1 million views
Thank you, Shameless! There's that anger I remember not-so-fondly from this chaotic year in our history. Number two spot fully earned.

1- “And I Oop Whatcha Say” by Jasmine Masters — 419.1 million views
THE Jasmine Masters from Rupaul's Drag Race season seven has the year's most used GIF. There is no "what?" anymore. "Omg" is cancelled. There is only "and I oop." This is the way the internet has reacted to the many disorienting twists and turns of 2019, a year where the surprises come practically hourly and are often unpleasant. We're at the point where we're all collectively pausing our thoughts and sentences just to process whatever supremely shocking thing we've just seen. Here's to "and I oop-ing" on and on into the future, perhaps until the surprises stop becoming so surprising.

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