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Pakistani dramas always offer variety. Most of the Pakistani dramas in the recent years kept the viewers engaged and entertained. When it came to writing the script and executing these plays, the writers and directors did exceptionally well for the most part. Because of this, these dramas were popular among the masses.
There were other dramas which were popular because of the star cast. All these popular dramas did great on the ratings chart and for the most part were convincing. In the end however the writer and the director shocked the viewers by ending these Pakistani dramas in the worst way possible. The viewers looked forward to the ending of these dramas most importantly because they left them curious and the endings were unpredictable.
Once these last episodes finally aired, the endings left the viewers baffled and disappointed. There are some writers who have a strong grip on the plot right till the end and then there are others who simply fail to wrap up the story decently in the end. These dramas basically show that giving a drama a good ending is just as important as the treatment given to it overall.
Here are the 10 most popular dramas of Pakistan which had the worst endings.

Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pass Tum Ho set new records of popularity because of its dialogues, situation, direction and writing. Some of the performances were loved by the viewers and gave the actors a new recognition. The story was bold and the situations extremely complicated. The viewers had no idea how the drama would end. Although the writer himself shared that the drama will have a tragic ending and the viewers were prepared for it but when the final episode aired, most of the viewers were astonished by the poor execution of the much awaited finale.

Mere Pass Tum Ho’s Finale was also shown in cinemas. The hype this finale created was unmatched. Not only did the viewers cry because of the sad ending but they also laughed because this ending was anything but convincing. The writer is known for his dialogue writing but no one was expecting the writer to show a scenario in which a person who is dying would go on talking for the longest time. Also, the drama serial was more about Mehwish and Danish, the lead characters but it ended with an emotional conversation between the father and son. People were shocked to see just how badly executed Danish’s death scene was. Most of the people were expecting Danish to die but they were not expecting this scene to be carried out so carelessly and over dramatically. This resulted in complete disappointment. Mere Pass Tum Ho tops this list because people had more expectations from this finale more than any other. The makers could have made this ending emotional and impactful but the last episode was full of flaws which did not sit well with the viewers.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb was another popular Pakistani drama this year which kept the viewers engaged and entertained. Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s plot was not run-of-the-mill. It did not only highlight a personality disorder which a lot of people didn’t know much about but it also proved to be a mystery/thriller which the Pakistani viewers enjoyed watching. Right till the end, the viewers looked forward to the mysteries getting solved in the end. After dragging the drama for weeks in order to cash in on its popularity, when the makers finally decided to end it, it was the worst ending which viewers were not happy with.

The viewers tuned into this ending to find answers yet the ending did not give them the answers they were looking for, in fact it left them even more confused. At the end of the drama, the viewers visited different forums to ask each other if they got the answers to the questions but no one could really figure out who Sameer’s mother was which was a burning question right till the end. The mystery stayed a mystery right till the end which made this the worst ending. This last episode wasn’t just meaningless but also repetitive and boring. There were many tracks in this drama and none of them got a proper ending. This last episode lacked clarity and ironically it wasn’t even engaging. The makers failed to wrap up a script which kept the viewers glued to their screen properly which enraged and disappointed the fans.


Aangan was one of the most hyped dramas of this year. It had a star cast and crew. Some of the most prominent people from the industry were attached to this serial and it was based on a novel which is considered a classic. Aangan was not even shown on YouTube which is why people made a special effort to watch the show while it went on air. For the most part Aangan’s story was all over the place but last few episodes were relatively better and gave hope that it might end on a decent note. The ending however was just as abrupt and disappointing as this drama as a whole.

Even the best of dramas sometimes don’t have good endings but sometimes a good, logical ending can make up for a weak storyline overall. That was most certainly not the case with Aangan. HUM obviously thought that investing in star power would ensure viewership and perhaps get them appreciation as well but viewers are not fools. The main leads Chammi and Jamil kept the viewers guessing and they did not get a proper ending in the last episode. Chammi did not ask for an explanation, everything happened too quickly, yet this was somehow supposed to be a happy ending. There was a time when it seemed like Chammi was over Jamil and right till the last episode it appeared to be that Jamil was still in love with Alia. Jamil and Chammi’s union was unconvincing to say the least. Most viewers wanted to see Chammi happy in the end but their happy moments were wrapped up too quickly. The physical closeness between the actors always suggested that this attraction was more physical. The romantic tracks in particular were handled so poorly throughout. This last episode was littered with indecent and unconvincing proposals and was a complete waste of time.


Drama serial Cheekh kept the viewers completely hooked with its murder/mystery story. The first few episodes were fast paced and kept the viewers guessing. As the drama progressed, the scenarios and situations stopped making sense. The viewers however looked forward to a finale which would lead to a convincing conclusion to a drama which they loved but was dragged to the limit.

In the end while the viewers got to see the leading lady Mannat fighting her case the way they wanted to see her do it right from the beginning but the way this episode was written and executed did not impress most of the viewers. Instead of showing a gradual change in Mannat’s character and unfolding certain events which led to the ultimate conclusion, everything was done haphazardly. The villain too all of a sudden was shown being remorseful and out of the blue in the end he was pleading to get viewer’s sympathy. Those viewers who were truly invested in this drama were left with so many unanswered questions because of scenarios which did not make sense. The viewers waited patiently for this last episode of Cheekh but it was one of the most badly executed last episodes of the most popular recent dramas.


Inkaar was a powerful drama which challenged stereotypes and addressed an issue which had never been highlighted in any drama at all. The importance of a woman’s consent was highlighted in this play and for a change a woman stood strong right till the end. This drama was also inspired from a real life story, the end of which was quite different from the end of the drama. Inkaar right till the second last episode emphasized on the importance of the criminal getting punished. The main protagonist Hajra fought a long and hard battle to get the man who tried to kill her punished yet in the end she decided to forgive him. Inkaar’s ending basically was too rushed, it completely ruined the message the drama set out to give and overall it was not the least bit satisfying. It all boiled down to Hajra getting validation from the public and winning in the eyes of the media. Hajra and her father once said that they could forgive Rehan but they couldn’t forgive people who killed Gullu Badshah – what happened to that?

The opening scenes of this last episode promised a powerful ending but later on the way Hajra gave her own verdict was nothing short of shocking. Throughout, the court’s proceedings were covered in detail and every single scenario was convincing but in the end the writer totally ruined the experience for the viewers. Hajra was quite content with her decision because she was convinced that Rehan Chaudhry did not need to go to the prison but he needed the right guidance from his mother in order to ‘mend his ways’. Since this was Hajra’s decision, one she had taken after the court gave its own therefore everyone associated with her was quite happy with it and even the media portrayed Hajra as the real hero. The role Shayan’s father played was definitely pleasing but wasn’t he the one who got Gullu Badshah killed? Basically, there was no point of showing such a long legal battle if Hajra was going to forgive the criminals in the end. This was definitely one of the worst endings of Pakistani dramas in recent times.

Mere Bewafa

Mere Bewafa had a commercial storyline which appealed to the viewers. The drama was a mega hit. Mere Bewafa’s story revolved around a married couple. The husband was the bewafa in drama, who had an affair with his wife’s best friend and then entered into a secret nikkah with her. The entire drama revolved around how the husband mistreated his wife and the wife tried relentlessly to make her husband fall back in love with her. Agha Ali and Sarah Khan’s on-screen couple was a big hit even though the story was not a romantic one. In the entire drama the viewers watched the husband torturing his wife and he was even responsible for her miscarriage. There was nothing positive in the husband’s character yet the wife continuously did whatever she could to win her over.

In the last few episodes the wife, Azra’s character showed some signs of change which gave the viewers hope that in the end Azra will leave her bewafa husband Shahmir and will eventually make a life on her own. There was also a male friend in Azra’s life who continuously supported her and the viewers were hoping that in the end Azra will choose to be with him. The last episode was a big slap on the intelligence of the viewers because Azra’s bewafa husband was forgiven within seconds even though he did not formally apologize. This was the most illogical and nonsensical ending to any play at all. Everything was wrapped up in a twisted happy ending which showed that there was nothing wrong with a woman forgiving  people who put her through hell over and over again. After watching Azra suffer for 20 plus weeks, all of a sudden watching Azra smile at Shahmir and accepting him back was a big led down for the viewers who expected better. Shahmir’s new born child’s death was used as a lame excuse for the change in the behavior of the entire family and even this change was not shown properly. This was the most pathetic ending to a drama.

Ishq Tamasha

Ishq Tamasha was another popular drama which had the worst ending. Ishq Tamasha’s story was a really complicated and at times illogical love triangle but it was a hit play nevertheless. It was a story of revenge with few romantic tracks. It also had the good woman vs the bad woman scenario. Rushna was the negative character who breaks a man’s heart and as a result of it he dies, his brother decides to avenge his death. In order to take revenge, he gets married to Rushna so that he can make her life hell. Mirha was the good girl, the damsel in distress who was kidnapped mistakenly by Mehrab, the brother out to take revenge. The story was complicated and clichéd at times but it kept the viewers hooked.

Mehrab was the most twisted hero who could have easily passed as the villain. Mirha was the most meesni heroine we have seen in dramas since in the end she agreed to accept Mehrab’s proposal even after he tortured his ex-wife mentally (who also happened to be Mirha’s cousin) to the point that she died. The fact that Mehrab was a negative character was completely brushed under the carpet and in the last episode the whole drama was ended like it was a simple love story, which it most certainly wasn’t. The ending was abrupt, insensitive and badly put together, nothing short of a tamasha which left the viewers enraged.


Balaa had the viewers glued to their television screens for the longest time. Balaa was the story of a woman who was literally a balaa. The main protagonist, the balaa, Nigar was shown as a young woman with control issues to such an extent that she could easily be considered a psychopath. Most of the episodes of the drama covered how Nigar marries a decent man and destroys his life. Nigar’s plotting, planning and negativity was covered for 20 plus weeks. When the drama became popular, the makers decided to extend viewers’ suffering by stretching the story like a bubble gum.

The viewers looked forward to Nigar’s end. The only reason viewers tuned in to the drama after some time was that they wanted to see Nigar suffering just as much as she had made other people suffer. Towards the end however Nigar’s husband started playing just as much mind games as her and he too turned in to a balaa! As if this was not enough, only the last episode was dedicated to showing Nigar’s ‘end’ which definitely did not satisfy the viewers. Balaa’s ending and the drama as a whole was ruined because it was prolonged for no reason and in the end the makers had no clue how to wrap up the story.

Ghar Titli Ka Par

Ghar Titli Ka Par ruled the television screen for many weeks. This was the story of two friends Anji and Shafaq. Anji was the clever one and Shafaq was the innocent naive one. Anji destroys Shafaq’s house by first having an affair with her husband and then kicking her out of her own house. The fact was that for the longest time Anji’s antics were the most engaging element of the drama. Although Anji was negative character but her scenes were amusing and Sanam Chaudhry’s performance was great.

Ghar Titli Ka Par’s ending too was just as abrupt, rushed and illogical as rest of the dramas in the list. All of a sudden the viewers were informed that a few years had passed and in these few years somehow Shafaq had conveniently forgiven her good for nothing husband and Anji was shown in a pathetic state, poor and ugly! It was never shown how she went from the clever manipulating woman to one who was now completely helpless. This was the most pathetic way to conclude the show. And it was yet another drama in which the woman was punished but the man wasn’t!


Khamoshi was one of the most watched drama serials of recent times. This was the drama because of which Zara Noor Abbas got recognition. It was the story of Arsala, a girl who works in people’s houses to earn for her family and her family never values her. Eventually she finds a man who gives her the respect and love she never had and that is when people were rooting for this couple. Other than that, just like any other drama the viewers wanted to see those people who played a major part in making life hell for Arsala, paying for their wrongdoings.

The end of Khamoshi disappointed the viewers because even though in the end Arsala and Sharam got their happy ending but this ending was shown in such a way that it was not happy enough! Arsala’s hesitance to acknowledge everything Sharam had done for her and her confusion right till the end was seen as thanklessness by many. The negative character were forgiven too easily and one of them committed suicide, which did not make the fans happy. The ending was abrupt and everything was concluded in the last episode too quickly. Arsala’s attitude in this ending episode disappointed the viewers more than anything else.

Which popular Pakistani drama in your opinion had the worst ending? Sharing your thoughts.

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