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Sizes and shapes of silicone gel and saline breast implants. Articles about breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Implant Profiles

Welcome to our brief online guide through various silicone and saline breast implant profiles / shapes.

There are five basic types of implant profiles:

1. Low Profile:
This one has lowest projection and widest base width from all types.

2. Moderate Profile:
Also called mid-profile. It has standard projection and wider base width.

3. Moderate Plus Profile:
It has higher projection and moderate base width when compared to moderate profile.

4. High Profile:
It has high projection and narrower base width when compared to previous types.

5. Breast Implant Sizes

Welcome to brief online guide through different breast implants sizes.

Implant size is usually measured in cubic centimeters and implants are produced in many various sizes. For example 175cc, 280cc, 371cc, 400cc …

Why are not breast implants distinguished by bra size?

The reason, why there are no “B”, “C” or “D” cup size implants, is simple. Total breast size will consist of breast tissue that woman had prior surgery plus the implant size. If you already had C cups before augmentation, total size will be different after using 280cc implant from the situation when woman had only A cups.

Size is not the only dimension you have to choose when deciding which implants to get. There is also so called profile, which we cover in separate article here.

What size of breast implant do I need to go from 32A to 32C (or 32D etc)?

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