How to be healthy and live long

How to be healthy and live long

Several readers have told me that the column of Will we be immortal? is interesting, but it would be good to have a summary of the concrete advice offered by this book to live long while enjoying excellent physical shape, given the size of it and the chronicle. It’s done with these 10 health tips that can make a huge difference in your life if you apply them day after day, because there is nothing more powerful to build something than doing it brick by brick, day by day. after day.

One day we turn around and contemplate astonished the building of our life , composed of all these bricks, of all these days that we have accumulated. By taking care of our body and mind on a daily basis, we lay a brick every day in our building which becomes a long life that radiates health. Here are ten of his habits that are as many bricks to ask each day. Follow the longevity guide.

10 tips to be healthy and live long
  1. Limit red meat
  2. Consume good fats
  3. Chew your food well
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables every day
  5. Drink tea
  6. Say no to sugar
  7. Eat anti-cancer
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Add massages to your routine
  10. Practice meditation

Warning : I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist

10 tips for living long, being healthy and staying healthy:

1 – Limit your consumption of red meat as much as possible

In all cases, it is preferable to avoid red meat, even lean, because cattle are generally saturated with the hormones and antibiotics used by factory farming , in particular because it takes longer to raise a cow or a pig than a hen. In addition, this meat is often rich in cholesterol, and there is a risk of infection by prions, due to mad cow disease.

At worst, eat organic red meat, but try to favor white meat and fish rich in EPA / DHA, especially salmon. Take organic if you can.

2 – Choose good fats
Ie Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats rather than saturated and bad unsaturated fats (for an explanation of what are saturated and unsaturated fats, see chapter 6: Fats and proteins of Shall we be immortal? ).

Focus on the following foods to get the right fats:

  • The nuts
  • The fish rich in EPA and DHA, including salmon (wild salmon contains more than farmed salmon) and having low levels of mercury
  • Oil olive extra-virgin (this last point is very important)
  • Of flax seed and linseed oil pressed naturally
  • Of vegetables
  • Du tofu
  • Lean meats, especially white meats ( chicken, turkey ). Obviously, it is preferable to select farm poultry raised without hormones and antibiotics.

And absolutely avoid the following fats and habits:

  • Saturated fats from fatty meats , butter, milk and other animal products.
  • Commercial cooking oils (always prefer extra virgin olive oil).
  • The hydrogenated fats of margarine or vegetable fats , and almost all commercial pastries.
  • From frying to deep fryer . It is best to sauté over high heat using extra virgin olive oil, and the best is to put water in a wok, add a small amount of oil, and cook for a short time at medium or moderate temperature.

3 – Chewing well is very important for our health
In fact, swallowing too large pieces before they have been properly ground, and mixed with saliva, forces the digestive tract to secrete larger quantities of powerful digestive enzymes, which can cause an excess of gas. and bloating, and over time will damage the stomach. So take your time when you eat. (I also invite you to read 5 great reasons to eat slower .)

4 – Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day
Here is the key advice given by the official program of the Ministry of Health, Manger Bouger , with good reason.

The benefits brought by the consumption of fresh, natural and low-starch vegetables are innumerable: they contain a myriad of precious nutrients and fibers, and have a glycemic index and a low caloric density. However, care must be taken not to overcook them: overcooking them will lose their vitamins, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Ideally, light steaming , or raw consumption for some of them.

Be careful, these are 5 servings of fruits and vegetables: eating 3 radishes and two grapes will obviously not be enough! And it is quite possible to eat 10 servings: 5 is the minimum recommended. Tip: rather than counting the number of fruits and vegetables you eat, which can be painful, just make sure that half of each meal is made up of vegetables or fruits.

Consider consuming well-colored products: By eating a variety of naturally colored vegetables, you get a variety of vital nutrients.

You can also drink freshly squeezed vegetable juice: by putting fresh, natural and low-starch vegetables in an electric juicer, you get one of the healthiest drinks there is, low in calories, very rich in vitamins and minerals. The best vegetables for this are celery, cucumber, and fennel, and you can use small amounts of red or green romaine, endive, escarole, spinach, parsley, or kale leaves. Avoid vegetables high in sugar such as beets or carrots.

5 – Drink tea instead of coffee
Because its better for our body

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