Model-actress Sheila Sim shows off her baby bump in a pre-natal photo shoot

Local model-actress Sheila Sim showed off her baby bump in a pre-natal photo shoot.

The 36-year-old actress who is currently 34 weeks pregnant with her first child - a daughter - uploaded several photos from the shoot on her Instagram.

In the photos, Sim, who married her banker husband Deon Woo in 2018, is dressed in a figure-hugging white bodysuit .

She wrote: "What was I thinking when I initially thought I didn't want to do a prenatal shoot?

"I'm so glad I did, thanks to everyone who advised me do it, friends and strangers alike. It was a really beautiful and joyful shoot capturing this precious moment of my first pregnancy."

She said she was shy during the photography session as it was her first lingerie shoot and thanked the photographer for making her feel safe.

She also thanked her hair and make-up artists for being with her through her life's "biggest milestones".

Addressing her unborn child directly in subsequent posts and photos, she wrote: "I loved you before I met you. The last 34 weeks (were) magic."

Sim, who announced her pregnancy in April, told Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao then that she found out about her pregnancy on her second wedding anniversary during Chinese New Year.

Due for a caesarean birth in October, the actress is known for appearances in Mediacorp's drama series like the dialect series Ho Seh Bo (How Are You, 2019) and long-running drama franchise 118 (2014-2018).

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