See: Minal Khan criticized over recent photo shoot after Covid-19 in 2020

Minal Khan’s Latest Photoshoot Stirs Controversy. She showoff her huge boobs while she is lay on mattress with male model. She wears tight shirt which help her to showoff bouncy breasts to attract audience.

The critically acclaimed dazzling young starlet of Pakistani showbiz, Minal Khan has recently landed in dire straits, as her intimate pictures from behind the scenes with model Husnain Lehri takes over the social media giant.

The duo had been outdoors, shooting for an upcoming catalogue of Borjan shoes, where the actress’s candid shots were captured. The pictures and short clips came into limelight from one of Minal’s fan pages, titled Minalsfeed that ignited the viewer’s frenzy.

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan, the enormously popular twin sisters of Pakistani dramas industry are of few celebrities, heavily admired for their decency and modesty, other than the mastered acting skills. The duo has never ended up in any sort of controversial businesses, nor ever witnessed any media backlash and that makes the two beauties stand out.

However, in recent turn of events, where Aiman Khan opted for constructing a family with Muneeb Butt and daughter Amal, the younger diva Minal Khan took a step ahead into the dramas industry, as she extended her previously set professional boundaries.

According to Minal, she had been portraying an innocent, down to earth epitomes for quite a long time and wanted to try her hand at negative avatars. Speaking about her forthcoming character, the ‘Nand’ actress stated:

It helped me test my limits and gave me a new sense of outlook. It was amazing working with such talented people.

Owing to that, the enthralling young actress embraced an exceptionally adverse character of Nisha, from megahit drama serial Jalan, that has the audience enfolded in its enchanting bubble. Here to mention, Minal Khan stunned a huge population with her legendary antagonist performance and had been garnering massive accolades since.

Minal Khan criticized over intimate photo shoot

However, the tables have turned for the diva, soon after her BTS clips with Husnain Lashari came forward. What infuriated the die-hard fans and followers of Minal Khan was the actress’s close proximity with Husnain, during the photo shoots.

That’s not all as there was another video showing Minal Khan lying on a mattress on the ground that received even more critical reviews at the hands of public.

Hence, the critics didn’t delay a single second, as they hopped into the comment section, criticizing the starlet. When majority condemned the ‘ki jana mai kaun’ actress over nearness, intimate poses and dressings, there were others comparing her with her much modest sister Aiman.

However, this is not surprising as Pakistani people have become extremely sensitive to everything and are criticizing almost everything these be it a female working out on TV or simply a news anchor doing her job.

Not to forget, we have made it our job to even moral police Turkish stars over their dressing choices while asking the same question to everyone, “Are you Muslim?” 

Minal Khan is one of the popular actresses of Pakistan and mostly known for her twin sister Aiman Khan. The actress made her acting debut in 2011 as a child artist in Kash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti.

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