Top 12 Victims of the “Kardashian Curse” – Is It Real?

The Kardashians are no strangers to controversy, hate and bad press. Not only are they bashed for supposedly having “no talent,” but the famous family is also thought to carry a significant “Curse”.

Rumor has it, the family has an aura of evil that drives men insane and into ruin. Even family member, Kylie Jenner claims the curse exists:

“The Kardashian curse is every male figure that comes and dates a Kardashian. Their life kind of just goes down hill after that,”

As far as history goes, it’s safe to say each man associated with this family has suffered a dramatic fall from grace. But are Kim, Khloe and Kourtney really to blame? Their haters seem to think so.

Here are 12 men who are believed to have fallen victim to the curse…

1. Kanye West

The latest man to allegedly fall victim to the “Kardashian Kurse” – as they put it –  is none other than Kanye West. The rapper is no stranger to controversy, even before he married Kim, but recently, he has been deemed “unstable” due to his many heated rants and raves.

Kim Kardashian’s husband was hospitalized in 2016 for “his own safety” after “sleep deprivation and dehydration” got the better of him. In 2020, Kim and her mother, Kris reportedly tried to get Kanye to a doctor after he suffered from a bout of bipolar disorder during his run for presidency.

After six years of marriage to leader of the gang, Kim, it comes across as though Kanye has finally been hit by the Kardashian Curse – or so they say…

But Kanye isn’t the only man to supposedly crack under Kardashian pressure. The record of men that the family have “ruined” is vast.

2. Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian married basketball player, Lamar Odom in 2009 and all seemed good in the hood from what was shown on television. However, things were rather bumpy behind the scenes – Lamar lost his cousin in 2011 and a week later, he was involved in a serious car accident which left a 15-year-old boy dead.

Just a year later, partying and infidelity rumors swirled around his marriage to Khloe and a year after that, Khloe filed for divorce.

In 2015, Khloe’s ex-husband had a crack cocaine-induced stroke at a brothel which left him in a life-threatening coma. Thankfully, Lamar made it through, but it hasn’t stopped the haters from saying he’d fallen prey to the Kardashian Curse.

So who else is supposedly a victim?

3. Scott Disick

The father of Kourtney’s children and regular partaker in Keeping Up With the Kardashians has had a publicized struggle with alcohol and drugs. He even checked into rehab in 2015 to battle the problem, but it eventually led to a break-up with Kourtney.

At one point, Scott even believed the Kardashian Curse was real. He was told by a psychic on KUWTK:

“The cards talk a lot about a load of negative energy… Everything that you try to do, you have a tendency to have many obstacles in front of you. To answer your question, I would probably say you do have a curse.”

4. Tristan Thompson

Tristan’s relationship with Khloe was running smoothly until they were struck with cheating scandals. The NBA player didn’t just cheat once, but multiple times according to Insider.

The couple were the talk of the town once Tristan’s final round of cheating took place. This time it was with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. The scandal rocked the entertainment world more so as Khloe had been pregnant with Tristan’s child at the time.


It’s pretty hard to blame this breakup on a “curse”, considering Tristan’s wrongdoings were down to his own stupid choices.

Yet, still…

Throughout his relationship with Khloe, Tristan’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers were performing poorly. Do you smell witchcraft?

5. Tyga

Now, we know he wasn’t dating a Kardashian per se, but he was intertwined within the famous family. Having been in a relationship with Kylie Jenner for three years, it’s not too much of a reach that we’re including him in this list.

Tyga has several big hits under his belt including Rack City and Ayo, but it appears his most popular tracks and successes route back to the days either before or during his involvement with the KDash family.

Following his split with Kylie, Tyga’s career went downhill with several of his singles being deemed a flop (we dare you to name his new song!). He was also under media scrutiny for bailing out on car payments and rent, and being involved in several lawsuits.

6. Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is also said to have been affected by the Curse. He may have been married to the fashionista for just 72 days, but following their rocky romance, it’s believed the devil may have played his little game once again.

Kris’ reputation has been tarnished since leaving the family. People no longer recognize him as a renowned basketball player, but instead, as the villain who was married for just 72 days to Kim K.

7. Reggie Bush

Reggie was Kim’s boyfriend for three years and even made regular appearances on the show. The athlete was a celebrated footballer, however, following his split from Kim, he lost momentum in his skill, was dubbed “the biggest over hyped flop ever in professional football”. He retired soon after.

Were the Kardashians to blame for Reggie’s fall from grace?

8. Ray J

Being Brandy’s brother and with a hit single like One Wish, you’d think Ray J would be known as more than just Kim K’s sex tape partner.

But as the Kardashian Curse goes (apparently so), it only makes sense that Ray J’s career would spiral downwards after hooking up with the famous fashionista. The poor dude may have hit it first, but that’s just about the only thing he can brag about as of late (career-wise)…

9. James Harden

He may have only briefly dated Khloe in 2015, but according to James, it was  the “worst year of his life.”

Not because he may have had a tumultuous relationship with Khloe, but because the romance took a toll on James’ career. And well, as seen with other ex-athlete-boyfriends-husbands on this list, the Kardashian Curse likes to prey on sports careers.

James Harden told Maxim that ending his fling with Khloe “made him a better basketball player”.

10. Damon Thomas

Kim’s lesser-known ex, Damon Thomas is yet another so-called victim to the Curse. He was married to Kim in the early 00s and following their rocky divorce, he filed for bankruptcy. Apparently, Damon had a debt of $4 million.

If it’s real, this Curse sure likes to hit you where it hurts the most…

11. Rashad McCants

In case you haven’t noticed yet, these Kardashian women have a thing for athletes.

Yet another on Khloe’s list is Rashad McCants, whom she dated in 2005. The NBA player didn’t have nice words to say about his romance with the star and blamed his failed career on her -“Without that situation in play, I’m a $60-70 million player,” Rashad told Charlotte Observer.

12. Rob Kardashian

Another dude who has apparently been hexed by the so-called Curse is a Kardashian himself.

Rob, the only son of Kris Jenner has publicly battled depression and weight gain. It took an engagement and baby with Blac Chyna to snap him out of his funk and lead a happier life, but after their split, he went returned to his downward spiral again.

Was Robert born into the curse?

Sounds ridiculous, right?

You know what’s even crazier? There’s a theory that Bruce Jenner was also hit by the Kardashian Curse. Kris Jenner’s ex-husband came out as a transgender woman in 2015, declaring that she had dealt with gender dysphoria since she was young.

So Is The “Kardashian Curse” Real?

Of course not!

Firstly, it’s distasteful for people to claim that the Kardashians “changed” Bruce Jenner. That disrespects her lifelong struggle with gender identity as well as the entire trans population – because it argues that gender transformation is an “illness” and that is NOT okay.

The day Kanye was admitted into hospital, was the anniversary of his mother’s death. And let’s not forget that his wife was gagged and robbed not long ago.

Kanye is clearly going through a tough time – AND he suffers from bipolar disorder. He isn’t “doomed”, perhaps his psychotic break is just a coincidence and a matter of bad timing…

So…what about the other men?

Lamar Odom had a tough childhood and a heroin-addicted father. That’s not all. In 2006, his six-month-old son died from sudden infant death syndrome.

The Kardashians didn’t change any of these men, they were each already fighting their own battles, before they even met a Kardashian girl.

Perhaps it’s the heavy spotlight that the Kardashian family attract that made these men’s issues a ticking time bomb. This is especially apparent to Rob. The reality TV-star has even admitted that the cameras following him was pressurizing.

Scott lost both his parents within three months in 2014. As an only child, it makes sense that Scott suffered from huge emotional stress which led to the consumption of alcohol. There isn’t a “curse” to blame.

While it may be funny to assume that the Kardashian Curse is indeed real, we have to convince you, it really isn’t.

Some of these breakdowns and career failures are simply a matter of coincidence and personal experience – there’s no witchcraft or wizardry involved. Want to fight us on it? Start a conversation in the comments below

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