Top 10 Hottest UFC Octagon Ring Girls…You’re Welcome MMA Girls!

Being an MMA writer can be stressful sometimes but writing an article on “UFC Ring Girls?” Well, lets take that like a breath of fresh air in our office. UFC ring girls have been a part of the fighting game almost as long as mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting has existed. As the UFC became more and more popular, the sight of beautiful octagon girls displaying the round number in between rounds, started to become a regular thing. Today, they are part of the UFC brand, successful models and recognized all across the globe.

In the course of the last 25 years, there have been many girls who’ve had the opportunity to walk around the octagon, putting some of the spotlight on themselves. Making a top 10 list has proven to be harder than we thought. It definitely sparked a debate among us, but after a very serious discussion, and a lot of subjective opinions, we finally came to an agreement. Here is our list of “The 10 Hottest UFC UFC Octagon Girls” and a closer look at some interesting things about them, along with what makes them stood out from the others. 

10. Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton may be “too skinny” for your taste but her cuteness and photogenic have been melting hearts worldwide and made her one of the most recognized faces in the UFC. Born on July 27, 1988, in Florida, Logan has made her walks from UFC 92 until UFC 107. After some controversial confrontation with the other octagon girls, she has decided to put all of her focus on modeling. However, she made her return at UFC 149, though by everyone’s surprise, Logan was released once again shortly after.

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It is obvious that the lack of “ring girl bumpers body” cost her future assignments but nevertheless, Logan Stanton continues to be a successful Wolhelmina model today, which by her own telling, suits her much better.

9. Chrissy Blair

If Logan Stanton is considered skinny, then I’m missing a word for the 107lbs, Florida born attractive blonde. Chrissy Blair started her career as an ring girl in the Strikeforce promotion back in 2011. Unlike other ring girls, Blair has often talked about out her love of UFC fights and the respect she has for her favorite fighter, Ronda Rousey. During her early days, Blair was handling both her modeling and MMA ring girl careers simultaneously. She even earned herself a bachelors degree in “Graphic Design and Fine Art” from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

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She is still led by this amazing work ethic as she has recently founded a beauty business and continues to beautify screens around the world as an octagon girl.

8. Amber Nichole Miller

I assume that many of you have forgotten that the bombshell from Colorado, Amber Nichole Miller is the first-ever UFC octagon girl! Basically, Amber has been in the modeling industry since she was a baby. At 5 years of age, she signed a contract with the Mickey Mouse Club which opened doors to many opportunities later on in her career. Also, she was on the front pages of many popular magazines as a model such as MAXIM and Muscle & Fitness, while also working at the MGM Mirage resorts. As an octagon girl, Amber has graced the pages of magazines such as DXL and MMA Authority.

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Miller is also married to former UFC light heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz with whom she also has children with.

7. Ali Sonoma

Sonoma is a true representation of a sexy & sporty girl. Sure, she is one of the hottest blondes that have ever walked around the UFC octagon and in her free time, she keeps her body tight playing soccer, shooting guns and dancing.

Sonoma joined the UFC back in 2006 making her promotional debut at the UFC 66 pay per view. During her one year appearance, Sonoma captured the eyes of many fans around the globe, including those of UFC Hall of Fame legend Diego Sanchez. The two were engaged in 2007 but their dream would be short lives as after only one year, the couple parted ways.

Diego Sanchez continued his UFC career while Sonoma continued her modeling work, also participating in a few bikini competitions. Her hard work paid off with the Dreamgirls and Escante’s Lingerie modeling contracts, and a couple of roles as an actress.

Many fans are still bummed that Sonoma didn’t have a longer career as an Octagon girl.

6. Holly Madison

Madison is by far more popular as a Playboy figure alongside the late, pop culture icon Huge Hefner. Holly got introduced to fans at one of the UFC’s biggest events, UFC 100. She has quickly taken a spotlight from the beautiful Arianny Celeste, Logan Stanton and Edith Labelle, which seemed pretty logical considering that Madison was the number 1 girl on Hugh Hefner impressive line of “girlfriends”.

However, apart from a couple of roles inside the UFC organization, Madison stayed focused on her modeling and playboy activities, but we can all agree that she looked absolutely stunning looking in her UFC ring girl attire.

5. Vanessa Hanson

Vanessa Hanson was born on April 13, 1991, in Orange County, and is easily one of the most loved octagon girls by fans. In her own words, being the youngest among three siblings helped her to build a rebel attitude which goes along with her natural beauty quite well.

While studying to become a Psychologist, Hanson was looking for her shot in the modeling industry and quickly hit the jackpot winning the “UFC guest octagon girl” contest. It didn’t take long for the fans to recognize her unique personality a side UFC fans don’t often get to see. The UFC spotted the rise in her popularity which quickly earned her a full-time octagon seat from the company.

Like any UFC octagon girl, Hanson has capitalized on her new fame by entering the world of entrepreneurship with her “Olive Yoga” studio in Long Beach, California. Also, she is working with various different modeling agencies, such as CGM models, Tricia Brink Management, Heiniken, and Cosmopolitan.

4. Edith Labelle

Edith Labelle got a call from UFC officials to replace Ali Sonoma’s seat next to the octagon, an opportunity she jumped at. During the first couple of events, Labelle shined with her stunning figure and beautiful facial features. Being the first Canadian octagon girl helped her bring a strong fan base with her, helping her popularity tremendously. However, shortly after the main event of the UFC 100 concluded, the promotion released a statement saying that Labelle had been released from the company. Later on she would state that she suffered food poisoned a few hours prior to the event, or as rumors suggested, got wasted the night before.

We will likely never know the truth, but either way it seemed to work out for Labelle, as she went on to get some important roles as an actress and fitness model. However, despite her successful career outside of the octagon, we still miss her working her octagon duties inside the UFC.

3. Jhenny Andrade

Andrade came to the biggest MMA organization just as this article came to me, like a breath of fresh air. The famous Brazilian television presenter and blogger made her first appearance at the UFC 163. Andrade has a cute but dangerous personality, the stunning figure that many Brazilian women seem to have. So her combination of personality and beauty make her very special. When she is not causing “change that god damn UFC channel” problems at home, she is successfully running “The Perfect Girlfriend” column from which she has learned how to maintain different home appliances, make a delicious barbecue or play all sorts of sports….Come on, what more can a man want!?

For six straight years, Andrade placed among the 100 sexiest women in the world, while also becoming more and more famous in the modeling industry.

2. Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer has been one of the most memorable faces of the UFC and a sex symbol for a long time. Of course, she has a perfect body, but the thing that stands out to many fans is her perfect smile. I bet on that you can close your eyes and remember Palmer sending a kiss to the camera and smile! During her career, Palmer has been on the covers of world-famous magazines such as Playboy, Discover Hollywood Magazine, Sugarcane Magazine, Complex Magazine…You name it.

After her husband Aaron Zalewski passed away, Palmer found a new passion which helped heal her wounds, painting. Her pictures are stunning and a true representation of art. Palmer’s amazing work was quickly well received, allowing her to display her work at some gallery shows.

1. Arianny Celeste

It was always funny hearing former UFC color commentator Mike Goldberg presenting the octagon girls by saying “Britney, Vanessa, and beautiful Arianny”. He is clearly putting Arianny Celeste above others, and to longtime UFC fans, she certainly is.

Celeste was born as a Penelope Lopez Marquez on November 12, 1985, and is certainly the most famous UFC ring girl of all time. She has won many “Ring girl of the year” awards and like Palmer, Arianny also posed for the Playboy’s top seller of 2010.

Considering her age, it’s not a surprise that Arianny has decided to put more focus and effort outside the UFC in recent years. Her entrepreneurship skills proved to be on point as her “Girlfriend Box” business enjoys great success. However, the most interesting fact about her is that she is a great singer and has even written her own songs. Celeste continues to pursue her dream of becoming a pop star, while also enjoying her successful career as the premiere UFC ring girl.

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