Who is Bella Poarch and why do we care? Answer a few questions about Tiktok Sex Tape Star

Have you been asking yourself: Who is Bella Poarch? Did she just pop out of nowhere and into fame? Well, one thing we know for sure is that this young lady is an online sensation. Now you say have seen her on Tik Tok – Barely 20 years old but with over 40 million followers. But do you know much about her?  What does Bella Poarch do and how did she rise into Tik Tok fame?

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Well, keep reading as we tell you all you need to know about her.

Why is Bella Poarch famous

Poarch is famous for her hypnotic lip-sync videos. She rose into fame after she posted a zoomed-in video on August 17 of her lip-syncing and bouncing rhythmically. It immediately went viral and in less than a month, garnered the title of the most-liked video on TikTok. That video that was posted about two and a half months now has over 41 million likes and half a billion views.

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Mysterious, right? Well, it happened just like that. Her fame and her brand are built around her cuteness, gaming, and lots of other types of content. But like other famous influencers like the likes of Tana Mongeau, Bella Poarch TikTok famous videos have some controversies following her too.

Well let’s answer a few questions about her:

Who is Bella Poarch?

If you want to know about someone, you have to start with the basics. So who is she? Is Bella Poarch even her real name? Well, we will have you know that it is actually her real name. She is 5 feet 2 inches.

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How old is Bella Poarch?

Born in the Philippines, on February 8, 2001, Bella Poarch is now 19 years old going on 20. So apparently people have been having doubts about her age because she in the US Navy in 2017. To be enlisted you must be 18 years of age. So does this mean she enlisted when she was 16?

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What is her nationality?

Much as she now lives in the US, in Hawaii, as we mentioned above, she was born in the Philippines. This makes her Filipina. She and her family moved to the US when she was 13.

What made Bella Poarch TikTok famous in just months?

Her initial TikTok video wasn’t doing that badly either. Posted on April 10 this year with the caption “Playing online for the first time be like…” it has 1. 5 million likes and 21.7 million views. She is wearing a green gaming headset.

The real rise in fame happened with the lip-sync video. She was trying to diss a track “M to the B” by the artist Millie B. This TikTok creation was shared on 17 August 2020. We think one of the things that made it go viral was those cute facial movements and that chilled out bouncy moves that she was making. Plus, who wouldn’t love that final cute eye roll thing she made?

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Tik Tok blew up in a historic way.  As we speak, it is still the most-liked video on TikTok and with the most views. And we will mention again that the video has over 500 million views. No wonder people just keep asking: Who is Bella Poarch? And why do people even care so much about her? Well, now you know why we care. She is a US Navy veteran, barely 20, who blew up TikTok in less than a month!

Up to date, that post continues being the most-liked. A single post that made her rise into fame in a month. There there is of course the haters and the controversies. Besides people wondering how old is Bella Poarch and questioning her age, they started asking: Why is Bella Poarch famous – questioning why it garnered such massive likes.

What is Bella Poarchs profession?

Well, a TikToker in the Navy? Well if you are one of the people wondering What is Bella Poarchs profession, the Navy story is true. She is a US Navy veteran who enlisted in 2017. She has proudly served for 3 years and that fact she clearly states in her Instagram bio.

Did Bella Poarch stop at her viral “M to the B” video?

No! Poarch is making videos, mostly of the gaming kind and the of lip-sync with those facial impressions. She is even making dance challenge videos. There are those where she features a stuffed animal named “Paca.” The thing is, the cuteness in these videos is just amazing. She also uses the TikTok Face Zoom effect.

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How much is she worth?

Now that we have answered the question: what does Bella Poarch do, am sure you now really want to know how much she is worth now that she is an internet sensation. Well, at the moment, we are not sure what her net worth is. But once we get the scoop on that, we sure will keep you in the loop.

One thing we know for sure is that she has already started doing collabos with famous artists like Tyga. On these videos, shared in September, it appears that they were filmed at Tyga’s mansion. The pair are lip-syncing to some of Tyga’s tracks.

Then of course you would expect some rumors about the duo getting a bit too close after doing the collabos.  Well as is, no rumors have been confirmed. Plus, Bella seems not to be dating anyone publicly.

Bella PoarchThe Controversies

We can’t answer the who is Bella Poarch question without talking about her controversial Japan’s Rising Sun flag tattoo. That tattoo seemed to have rubbed a lot of Koreans because they interpret it as a symbol of Japanese militarism and colonial rule. Poarch had to apologize saying that at the time she was getting the tattoo, she didn’t know the history behind it or what it meant.

Immediately she found out what it symbolized she immediately covered it and scheduled for it to be removed. In her apology, she mentioned that she felt very ashamed for having not done her research before getting the tattoo.

Bella Poarch  has also been accused of racism

Just like Tana Mongeau, Poarch has been accused of using a racist nickname on someone in a Facebook post. It seems that the post has been deleted or there is no access. Apparently, she called some guy “Harambe”. People interpreted this to mean the gorilla who was killed after a boy went into his enclosure.

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