Biggest Breast Cup Size Nation List on Map: Can you guess which country has biggest boobs?

World's biggest breasts MAPPED: Cup size by country revealed - but who has the largest?

BREAST size varies on average from country to country. Have you ever wondered how Britain’s women measure up in the world bra stakes? Well, now you can.

Breast size varies on average from country to country, with Russia coming out on top, along with Sweden, Finland and Norway in terms of who has the biggest bust. Women in these countries average breasts laerge than a D cup.

In Alaska, America, Germany, Colombia, Iceland and Venezuela women avergae at a D cup size breast, while in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Italy the average is a C cup.

Experts at Target Map have worked out the average cup size for women across the world - and the results are surprising. Proving good things come in small packages, 92 countries measured on average at an A Cup.

While Britain was bigger force to be reckoned with, with an average of a C.

China may be winning plenty of gold medals in Rio but they don’t win the booby prize.

The nation measures on average a petite A Cup.

Other women top of the flat-las include Japan and Peru, who shared the same bra size.

The surprising findings also showed that the majority of women in African and Asian countries measured either an A or B cup.

Want to know where women with the biggest breasts live?

You won’t have to travel far to cop an eyeful. Like UK, France and Italy too have more than a handful with an average cup size of C.

Our cousins on the continent are larger than life, with Germany and Iceland in particular measuring a whopping D.

Northern Europe, however has more on top.

Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway have on average a D cup or bigger.

But while the likes of Russia may be home to some of the world’s bustiest women, they are unlikely to rival the likes of this woman - who has 102ZZZ breasts.

Annie Hawkins-Turner, who goes by the name of Norma Stitz, says her assets are completely natural and even uses them as modelling.

It comes after staticians created a map showing the average penis size across the world. 

C cup: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Italy

D Cup: Alaska, America, Germany, Colombia, Iceland and Venezuela

Larger than D Cup: Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway

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