Is Bella Poarch Adopted? Tiktoker Reveals Family Background!

Fans have been surprised by Bella Poarch’s latest TikTok in which she revealed more about her background, including that she was adopted.

Bella Poarch’s fans know a lot about the TikToker, with over 52 million followers on her account. But some fans didn’t know this little-known fact about her.

She is relatively private about her personal life, and especially her family, but she revealed all in this latest TikTok video. Although, some fans aren’t clear about what it means.

Is Bella Poarch Adopted?

 Yes, Bella Poarch was adopted. In her latest TikTok she took part in the ‘two truths and a lie’ tag, after being tagged by Addison Rae.

Listing three different statements, fans are supposed to guess which is a lie before she reveals it. Bella offered Griffin Johnson sliding into her DMs, making a s*x tape with Tyga and being adopted, as her two truths and a lie.

Quickly, the Tyga statement turned red, indicating that it was the lie, and confirming that Bella Poarch was adopted.

However, some fans have known about her background for quite a while now as she reportedly confirmed her adoption in a comment on one of her TikToks.

Bella Poarch was born in the Phillipenes but it’s unclear at what age she was adopted. She reportedly moved to Hawaii at the age of 13 where she was raised with her family.

Another Surprising Fact About Bella

Bella Poarch seems to be full of suprises, with fans regularly discovering things about her pre-TikTok life.

The TikToker was actually in the US Navy until 2019 when her contract ended. She’s regularly mentioned her previous role and proudly calls herself a veteran. Bella’s rating was reportedly AO, Aviation Ordnanceman. According to Operation Military Kids, AO is responsible for “operating aviation ordnance equipment, maintaining guns, bombs, rockets, missiles, and torpedoes. They are also involved in issuing and loading of small arms.”

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