Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets | Selena Gomez 7 Days Workout & Diet Schedule

Selena Gomez is a smart business-savvy, talented and very hot stunning Celebrity. She was in this industry since her childhood. Her figure transformed a lot.

When she was transforming, she was trolled from the internet, press and other social media alike. Instead of feeling bad she does more effort to attain the perfect body and being successful in it. To keep her body sexy and lean and cut off her weight, she takes the help of Amy Rosoff Davis, the celebrity trainer. She uses to do the workout with him in 3-5 days in a weak daily and 6-7 days a week while on tour.

Let read below the secrets of her Fitness which also help to look like Gomez-

Selena Gomez Workout Schedule

 The First Day - she does the circuit in 20 mins.

• Warm-up

• jogging

• lunges

• Squats

• Stretches

• Jumping jacks

Second Day- same 20 min circuit

• Warm-up

• Stretch

• Jogging

• Crunches

• Push-ups

• Lunges

• Squats

• Jumping jacks

Third-Day- 30-40 min exercise

• Warm-up

• Circuit training

Forth Day - 60 min circuits.

• Warm-up

• Pilates

Fifth Day- this is a rest day

Sixth Day- in 60 min circuit

• Warm-up

• Meditation

• Yoga

Seventh Day - Also a rest day.

Selena Gomez Diet Schedule

Selena loves to eat all types of food. She swapped out fast food with some healthy food. She drinks a lot of water in a day to hydrate her skin.

Look at Selena Gomez 3 Meals in a Day

• Breakfast- Gomez eat Half a Burrito contain chorizo, scramble egg, granola, Greek yogurt, avocado

• Lunch- she used to take Salad containing Turkey, avocado, beans with some sprinkled olive oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and red wine vinegar in lunch.

• Dinner- She loves to take the Teriyaki Bowl of Avocado, marinated cucumber, rice with Teriyaki sauce, chicken with sushi or salmon in the night.

Disclaimer: The workout schedule and diet discussed in the content is suggested by Selena Gomez who achieved great results by following that schedule. But whether it is useful for others as well is yet to be proved. (Article Source: Internet)

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