Drug Girl Ananya Pandey Top 5 Beauty Tips To Steal

Cute Busty Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey has taken the glamour world by storm – she is doing the best of films and is seen in every other endorsement! And we know that she has absolutely flawless and clear skin – her “no makeup selfies” on social media are proof enough. What’s best – her beauty secrets are very basic and do not involve expensive skin serums or hair care products. Take a look at 5 of the Beauty Tips that you can steal from Ananya Pandey. She has huge body figure including huge boobs with cute and beautiful face. Bollywood little busty girls have big balls full of milk. She looks more attractive huge breasts and tits. 

1. She sprays rose water a lot on her face. In fact, these are “15 Ways To Use Rose Water for Beautiful Skin.”

2. Applies a lot of moisturizer on her face, and oh, she never skips sunscreen.

3. Her absolute go-to face mask for glowing skin is one that you can whip up right now from your kitchen – she makes a homemade face pack by mixing together 1 tbsp of haldi, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of yogurt. She also cautions not to leave this mask for more than 15 minutes, that’s just the amount of time this mask needs to make skin radiant and smooth.

4. Here’s another amazing homemade remedy – make a scrub at home by mixing a bit of coffee powder with coconut oil – it exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. Here’s another coffee scrub with banana to nourish and scrub at the same time.

5. She says conditioning hair is importance and that’s why once a week, she oils her hair thoroughly. Read about Hot Oil Treatment with Almond Oil.

So, these were some very basic and effective beauty tips from Ananya Pandey that anyone incorporate into their routine, try for yourself.

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