Hooters waitress reveals how she makes her breasts look larger

Fake it 'til you make it! Hooters waitress, 22, with size AA-cup breasts reveals how she makes them look WAY bigger for her job - using padding and makeup to create an ample cleavage

A Hooters waitress who has an AA-cup chest has become a viral star after revealing how she doubles the size of her 'flat' chest, using padding and makeup to create realistic cleavage.

Kirsten Songer, 22, recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina. To save money for medical school next year, she has been working at the breast-friendly restaurant chain, where she can make hundreds of dollars a day.

The aspiring doctor, who is known as @theflathootersgirl on TikTok, broke the internet last month when she posted a video showing what her small chest looks like — with and without padding — in her Hooters uniform.

'Me making my boobs look great every day for work,' she captioned the clip, which has been viewed a whopping 16.9 million times since June 6.

The viral TikTok also received thousands of comments, with many people begging her to demonstrate 'how' she gives her chest a boost for work.

'So you're telling me I can work at Hooters even tho I have an A cup,' one person asked, while someone else insisted: 'Drop the tutorial.'

Songer, who has over 94,000 TikTok followers, shared her secrets in a how-to video three days later to the delight of her fans.   

'I am as flat as I say I am,' she said at the start of the clip, showing off her chest from all angles. 'Like, there's nothing here. I have the chest of a teenage boy.'

Her transformation starts with a $30 bra from Amazon that's 'really padded' and  'adds two cups' to her chest size.

Songer noted the bra is similar to the 'Bombshell' bra at Victoria's Secret, adding that 'it's not quite as good, but it's half the price.'

She then put on her white Hooters long-sleeve shirt to show what her chest looks like with just the padded bra, but she wasn't done.

'There's a little speed bump here, but like it's still not cleavage,' she explained. 'The next thing I do is I take these little sticky boobs and I stuff them into my bra, and that's honestly what does the most work.

'There is a little line here now and everything,' she added, pointing to her cleavage. 'It looks like I have some boobs.' 

To enhance her cleavage even further, she uses makeup to contour her chest, following the shape of her breasts to give them 'a little bit of shadow.'

'Now they look huge,' she concluded. 'I look like I should be a Hooters girl.'

Songer spoke with BuzzFeed News after her video went viral, saying that working at Hooters in college was one of her 'best decisions.' She encouraged anyone who is thinking about getting a job at the chicken-wing chain to apply, regardless of their breast size.   

'I honestly didn’t think they would hire me — I was lacking the one thing that makes the brand,' she told the outlet. 'Going into my interview, everyone told me to wear two bras, but I went in completely myself. I did not use any of the tricks seen in my videos, but I did wear a loose sweater to kind of hide my chest.'

Songer added that she only pads her bra for work, noting that some people have shamed her for faking her big bust.  

'A lot of people like to call me insecure for making my boobs look bigger,' she explained. 'I want people to know that I don’t do this because I am unhappy with my chest or my appearance; I don’t use this outside of work.

'I do this solely to help my tips and help cater to my audience,' she added. 'I am transparent about it on TikTok — it’s not like I am trying to fool everyone.'

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