2022 Google I O: Pixel 6, Android TV, Smartwatch will launch many gadgets

World’s largest company Google’s Annual Developer Conference (ADC) is going to start tomorrow from May 11. In this annual developer conference, Google is going to announce the launch of its hardware and software products to be launched in the next 12 months. In this upcoming conference of Google, people are waiting the most for the announcement of Pixel 6 smartwatch, which can be a mid-range smartwatch. Along with this update, Google can also give information about the wireless earbuds and the release date of Android 13.

Google has not launched any type of smartwatch yet. Rumors have been going on in the market for a long time that Google is going to launch its first smartwatch soon. Based on information from magazine specs leaks, design leaks and US Patent and Trademark Office filings, it can be said that Google may launch its first smartwatch in late 2022. Google company’s mid-range PIXEL 6A smartphone – In the last 3 years, it is getting much cheaper than the Pixel smartphone launched by Google, but the second thing is that Google has also given much less features in this smartphone than other smartphones.

Now Google is preparing to launch an even cheaper Pixel 6A smartphone, which is expected to be similar to the Pixel 4A and 5A smartphones. Along with this, the company can also offer more powerful processor and upgrade features in Pixel 6A smartphone than these Pixel 4A and 5A smartphones.

Google can also introduce wireless earbuds in the market in the coming few days. According to the report of Famous Journalist John Proser, Google may launch Pixel Buds Pro in the coming few days, at the moment we have not got much information about the features of these earbuds. As we all know that Google has already launched true wireless earbuds.

Google is going to launch the latest operating system Android 13 for Android smartphones in this event this year. As we all know that Google has already launched Android 13 operating system for beta version for testing. Along with this, Google is also going to launch Android 12L which will be the new operating system for tablets and foldable device devices. This Android 12L operating system can only be used on Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices.

Google has also recently developed Android TV and Google TV software which will give new features to the users. In the upcoming new Android TV from Google, users are going to get home fitness workout feature as well as new features of home control and video conferencing.

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