Science Confirms Huge Boobs Kelly Brook Has The ‘Perfect’ Female Body Measurements with Bra & Cup Size

Ever since the dawn of humanity, it’s established that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And beauty does come in varied shapes and sizes. They’re all beautiful. With scientific progression, numerous studies have been conducted to find the finest beauty measurement.

Based on the data collected, the researchers at the University of Texas concluded their study with an exceptional finding.  Sound a bit scientific? It is, experts have now verified what most folks have known for years – Biggest breasts Hollywood lady Kelly Brook is the perfect woman. You may have been convinced that the figure size of 36-24-36 is the most desirable one, thanks to the fashion world enforcing this unto us.

However, scientists have done their fair share of calculations and determined that the perfect figure measurements of women are 38-24-35, breast-waist-hip respectively. According to the findings, the perfect woman has a height of 1.68 meters and measures 99-63-91, that’s bust, weight, and hips. And of course all these without the use of enhancement surgeries.

The big tits charming TV presenter, English actress, and model Kelly Brook fit those criteria perfectly. At least that mathematics you were taught in school has some apprehension now that you can now use science to rate beauty. Science has never been so much fun.

Scientists have tested several parameters, including height, weight, length of hair, and face shape. Suddenly it became clear: a figure that every second woman considers ‘somewhat plump’ is the one that comes closest to perfection and what they consider a ‘harmonious body.’ Kelly did not undergo any plastic surgeries. Nevertheless, her body looks great. The woman tinkles with health.

Once you look at her and start admiring her beauty, it is difficult to turn down the fact that she is perhaps the prettiest of all. Isn’t she stunning and gorgeous? The studies rightly claim that Kelly Brook is completely natural and is scientifically proportionate.

Kelly has been in the modeling industry from a very young age of 16. Ever since she has established herself as one of the most sought models out there!

Kelly has been blessed with naturally long, thick chestnut curls. Hair extensions are not required. Shiny locks have long been a marker of health and therefore make a woman instantly more attractive to men.

Dr. Ben Jones of Aberdeen University’s Face Laboratory said: “Men from all cultures are drawn to a babyish face with big eyes and arched eyebrows which seem consistent with high estrogen levels.” Kelly ticks all the boxes.

Her 34E bust does not need a silicone boost. But there are plenty of women who would kill for such curves…or at least pay a plastic surgeon to get them. One, Lisa Sacks says many of her clients beg her for boobs just like Kelly’s.

‘Super-beautiful’ women have waists a third smaller than their hips and three-quarters their bust measurement, say researchers at the University of Gdansk in Poland. There’s no doubt, Kelly shapes up in this area.

Researchers at the University of Texas say the perfect woman’s hip to waist ratio is 0.7 – her exact measurements. And no fellas, we don’t know how you can get a job in the lucky department where they carry out such studies.

At 5ft 8in tall she has longer pins than the average woman which makes her, according to experts at the University of Gdansk, more beautiful. These guys know their stuff.

Reacting to the findings, some fashion editors wrote: “The conclusion of these scholars from the University of Texas, surprised the public, because although it is known that the beauty and perfection are completely cultural and certainly arbitrary concepts, parameters of fashion, the pressure of advertisements and models TV, have always shown a completely different concept of perfection.”

And that’s true as it has long been thought that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, science believes that perfection can be counted. “Furthermore, this concept has led women to feel bad about themselves and even eating disorders looking for that unreachable and unhealthy ideal.”

But we can say honestly, that the research was fair and unbiased as scientists took into account body measurements, age, face, lips, nose, and hair. Nevertheless, the model has stated many times that she had suffered because of her body.

Kelly Brook’s Ample Bosom with Bra & Cup Size

Several fans across the world have always fancied Kelly’s splendid assets. She has a breast size of 34 inches, and her bra size is 34FF with cup size FF.

Kelly Brook brings the sensual appeal on camera, reflecting her body confidence and making her fans drool over her beauty. She has been featured on several fashion magazine covers and thus became a fitness icon and star model. She is amongst the ‘100 Sexiest Women’ list in the FHM, and she credits her lifestyle for her success.

What are your thoughts about her? Do you believe it is okay to note an ‘ideal body’ for women?

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