Solution of Google AdSense Payments 2022: Western Union to stop supporting AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager payments

After over 13 years of offering Western Union as a payment method to Google AdSense publishers, Google has announced it is going away. Google said "as of August 10, 2020, you will no longer be able to select Western Union as a new form of payment." In early 2021, those who have already selected this as a payment option will have to pick another method.

Google wrote "As of August 10, 2020, you will no longer be able to select Western Union as a new form of payment. We recommend that publishers currently using Western Union switch to another available payment method before payments through Western Union stop in early 2021. We will inform current users in advance as to when Western Union can no longer be used to receive payments in their country. Learn more about the other available forms of payment and how to set up your form of payment."

Google AdSense first began offering payments via Western Union in April 2007.

Solution for Western Union to Stop Supporting AdSense Payments

Western Union will stop supporting payments for AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager in the Asia Pacific region on August 31, 2022.

What’s changing from September 2022

You will not be able to receive any more payments for your AdSense, AdMob or Ad Manager through western union. To avoid any delays in your payment, Google suggests you switch to another available payment method right now, before payments are stopped through western union.

You can continue to receive payments through western union until August 31, 2022. They should be picked up within 90 days of the payment date. Please note, this change will not affect any income of YouTube, which will continue to be paid through western union. What you need to do.

What is the Solution to this Problem

To continue receiving your AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager payments from Google, you must sign in to your account (Google AdSense, Google AdMob, Google Ad Manager) and choose a different way to pay to continue receiving payments for these services from September 2022.

No Western Union payment has been raised before 29 November 2022, will be returned to your account. Learn how to set up a new payment method for this: Google Adsense Google AdMob Google Aid Manager.

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