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Karachi, the city of lights, should also be called the city of delights! Besides being home to more than 2 million souls, the town offers a profound mix of different people, cultures, languages, traditions, and tastes. However, if you want to try out the city’s local cuisine in all its glory, you have to try the different street foods chains in Karachi.

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Words can never do justice to the versatile food menu available in Karachi, and you don’t even have to worry about budget or dressing up to go out. Whether you show up formally, or in night-suit pajamas, whether you have PKR 100 or 1,000 to spend, you won’t be judged and will be served like any other patron. In Karachi, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Start Top 10 Best Street Food in 2021 Pakistan Cities Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi etc. - Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan (1)

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If you’re looking for a sampling of some of the best street food in Karachi, then have a look at the following list:

1. Bun Kababs

1. Most Famous Fast Food of Pakistan Bun Kababs-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Bun Kababs are a famous street food in Karachi. Nursery is quite famous for its Bun Kababs. It is almost impossible to talk about Pakistani food, especially famous street food in Karachi, and not mention the evergreen bun kebabs. Before burgers swooped in, these were the fast food kings. Bun kabab stalls are almost everywhere in Karachi providing utmost convenience for a quick stop to have something delicious to munch. They aren’t only good in taste but are also pocket-friendly. If you are looking for the best among them, pay a visit to the famous “Nursery ke Bun Kebabs.” Or, Burns Road is also famous for this local delicacy.

It is, without a doubt, a must-have food item, especially if you’re a tourist in Karachi.

2. Nalli Biryani

2. Beef Best ever Nalli Biryani-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Nalli Biryani has been trending in Karachi for about a year. Karachiites from all corners of the city have tried Nalli Biryani. The reason or ingredient that makes it all the more special is the fusion of bone-marrow and Biryani. For some, Nalli Biryani is the greatest thing since sliced bread, while others call it overrated. The best Nalli Biryani is served at Ghousia. It is like a “Dhaba” and is located in Block 6, Liaquatabad. The place always remains jam-packed despite the inappropriate arrangement for families.

3. Chaat and Gol Gappay

3. Chaat and Gol Gappay-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Gol gappay is a popular street food in Karachi.  Don’t miss out on Karachi’s famous street chaat and gol gappas. The entire subcontinent is famous for its street foods, particularly the spicy kind. Take, for instance, chaat. A savoury snack made by mixing fried dough, spices, potatoes and served in many varieties. Another important snack widely savoured on the streets of Karachi is Gol Gappay (also known as Pani Puri).

Round fried balls of bread dipped in flavoured water (often spicy) eaten with ‘Chatni’. In Karachi, Gol Gappy and Chaat go together. Liaquatabad is famous for serving amazing Gol Gappays and Chaat, and so are the eateries on Burns Road. The most famous among all is undoubtedly “Rajoo ki Chaat” at main Bahadurabad offering an unforgettable taste to adventurous foodies.

4. French Fry (Potato Chips)

4. French Fry (Potato Chips)-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
A fairly recent addition to the Pakistani food scene, French fries have become one of the most sought-after snacks in the country, especially in Karachi.

In case you are craving for fries, K-Town has endless options including the roadside ones and the more sophisticated ones. However, there is absolutely no match to the PKR 30 fries served by various roadside ‘thelas’ in Karachi and you can find them in almost all neighbourhoods. Even though they are greasy and fattening, and the personal hygiene of the seller is usually questionable, they are just irresistible.

In case you’re looking for budget-friendly restaurants serving the best fries in the city, check out any branch of OPTP, KFC and McDonald’s.

5. Gola Ganda

5. Gola Ganda-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Ice Gola Ganda is available on various stalls in Karachi. Craving for something sweet? Try Karachi’s famous Dohraji street Gola Ganda. A list of desi food in Karachi is incomplete without Gola Ganda, for sure.

During soaring temperatures in the city, pushcart vendors are often seen selling gola gandas in nearly every street of Karachi as the rainbow-coloured sweet, and cold delicacy serves as a perfect reprieve from oven-like heat.

However, the best gola gandas are sold in Dhoraji, Karachi. Not only are they much bigger but the addition of toppings like pineapples, cherries, and condensed milk make them a heavenly sight. Besides, the Gola Gandas can also be customized according to your taste! One of the best things about having a Gola Ganda at Dhoraji is that it provides a perfect environment to hang out for families and friends alike.

6. Kachori

6. Kachori-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
There is no better place to try delicious kachoris than the Passport Office area in Karachi. It is a very old outlet, and it has been selling freshly cooked Kachoris for ages. There aren’t many good food outlets that sell kachoris, and this one could be the best treat for anyone visiting the Saddar area.

A compilation of must-have food items while living or touring this city looks bland without kachoris. Once you try out this local treat yourself, you’ll realize what this means.

7. Nihari

7. Nihari-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Nihari is a food staple in Karachi, Pakistani. Nihari is a Pakistani food staple

Any list of famous street food in Karachi is incomplete without the mention of Nihari. It is a delicacy, and the craving for it can strike at any time of the day. Some people even like to eat it for breakfast, especially on the weekend along with their families.

When it comes to the best outlets selling Nihari in Karachi, it is a very close call because there are many and it all depends on personal preferences. One iconic place is Javed Nihari, located in F.B. Area., Karachi. People from all over Pakistan, and even people visiting Pakistan from other countries visit Javed Nihari to have the ultimate Nihari experience. Other must-try Niharis in Karachi include Zahid Nihari, Daily Dubai, Delhi Nihari and Sabir Biryani.

8. Shawarma

8. Chiken Cheez Shawarma-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Most restaurants in Karachi do not sell authentic shawarmas as they are just wrapped up in plain bread. However, there is one joint that claims to sell authentic ones, and it is called Pita. The outlet cannot be compared to a typical street food vendor, but it is undoubtedly the first in the city to successfully live up to its claims of selling authentic Lebanese shawarma.

Although desi food in Karachi has borrowed this delicacy from the Middle East, but K-Town’s shawarma can definitely give tough competition to the ones sold in countries like the UAE and Turkey.

9. Fried Fish

9. Fried Fish-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Fried Fish is a popular seafood street food item in Karachi. Craving for fried fish? Head over to Ghaffar. Karachi is connected to the sea, and this is why fish is an important part of the street food served in Karachi. However, the fish served fried comes with its own unique twist! Fish, marinated with different kinds of spices, is deep fried in oil, and often eaten with special chutney (sauce). Places like Yadgar Fish, Biryani of the Seas, and Ghaffar Kebab House are home to the most delicious fried fish in Karachi.

10. Kabab Paratha

10. Kabab Paratha-Beef reshmi kabab paratha roll-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
This one easily qualifies as the most popular desi food in Karachi as it is found in almost all local restaurants in the megacity.

Meerath Kabab House, located at the famous Burns Road in Karachi, is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a delicious kabab paratha. It can also be eaten as a paratha roll. Apart from that, there are some vendors at Tariq Road, Karachi, where kabab paratha rolls are sold. People who visit the area for shopping are the most frequent buyers of this delicacy as it helps them get a reprieve from hunger pangs.

11. Chai Paratha

11. Chai Paratha-Best Famous Foods Ideas in Pakistan
Chai and paratha is a staple Pakistani food combination. In fact, it has remained one of the famous street foods in Karachi since time immemorial.

There are several dhabas in the city that exclusively sell delicious chai and Parathas. However, over the past few years, Chai Wala, located at Chota Bukhari, DHA, Karachi, has been topping the list. Visitors of Chai Wala enjoy a comfortable and open-air environment while having flavoured Parathas and their choice of chai. The best thing about Chai Wala is that it remains open until the wee hours of the night, especially on the weekend.

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