AliExpress Summer Sale 6 Best Deals: Save Up to 53% on Ulefone Rugged Phones

Ulefone is now discounting some of the most popular products for their Summer Brand Sale. Grab the best deals this August.

If you are looking for a reliable rugged smartphone to match your active style, you are in luck. Here you’ll indeed find some of the best deals currently available in the category. One of the leading manufacturers of rugged phones, Ulefone, is offering up to 53% discounts on a ton of items at AliExpress right now, from new arrivals to some of the most well-liked models.

We’ve rounded up the very best deals below. For instance, Ulefone brings the all-new Armor 15 at a discounted price of $170.99 for early adopters. The best-selling Power Armor 13 is also $219 off, costing only $280.99 now. One thing to note here is that AliExpress offers an additional discount for items that have a “US $3 off every $30 spent” label on the item details page, with a max of $9 off per order. This 4-day sale starts on August 22nd and ends on August 26th, so be sure not to miss it!

6 Best Deals in the Ulefone Summer Brand Sale

1. Ulfone Armor 15: from $399.99 to $199.99 at AliExpress

Let’s kick off with that Armor 15 which features a pair of TWS Bluetooth earbuds embedded in a rugged smartphone for the first time to deliver music fun on the go, and it comes equipped with the latest Android 12 for all-new experiences, 6600mAh huge battery for extended use, and 5.45-inch HD+ display and dual speakers for an immersive audio & video feast. IMPORTANT: a $20 coupon is set for the first 50 customers who are going to buy Armor 15. The final price can be as low as $170.99 after combining a $9 discount from AliExpress (save $200).

2. Armor X6 Pro: from $199.99 to $109.99 at AliExpress

Next we have the Armor X6 Pro is an easy-carrying rugged smartphone based on the latest Android 12 OS. It’s engineered with a 4000mAh large battery, 13MP Sony main camera, and NFC capabilities for great ease of use. The final price can be $100.99 after a $9 discount from AliExpress (save $90).

3. Power Armor 13: from $499.99 to $289.99 at AliExpress

Going up in price, we find the Power Armor 13 which has been so far the most popular model from Ulefone. The smartphone sports a 13200mAh mega battery, a 6.81-inch FHD+ display, a respectable 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, an advanced 48MP main camera, and infrared distance measure up to 40m. The smartphone is capable of connecting with an endoscope to facilitate your on-site work. The final price can be $280.99 after a $9 discount from AliExpress (Save $210).

Save Up to 53% on Ulefone Rugged Phones at AliExpress!

4. Ulefone Power Armor 14 Pro: from $399.99 to $199.99 at AliExpress

The Power Armor 14 Pro is based on Android 12, and comes with a massive 10000mAh battery, a 6.52-inch IPS LCD display, a MediaTek Helio G85 8-core gaming processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage that can be expanded thanks to the built-in microSD card reader. And the phone supports wireless charging giving it a high-end feel. The final price can be $280.99 after a $9 discount from AliExpress (save $200).

5.Armor 8 Pro: from $249.99 to $164.99 at AliExpress

The Armor 8 Pro packs a 5580mAh large battery, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, 16MP triple rear cameras, and convenient NFC capabilities for fast, contact-free mobile payments. The final price can be $155.99 after a $9 discount offered by AliExpress (save $85).

6. Ulefone Armor X10 Pro: from $199.99 to $127.99 at AliExpress

If you’re more concerned about the audio specs of a phone, the Armor X10 Pro is your ideal choice. It’s designed with dual super-linear speakers for enhanced audio quality, and it sports an 8-core 2.0GHz processor, 5180mAh large battery, and 20MP dual rear cameras. The final price can be $118.99 after a $9 discount from AliExpress (save $72).

For more deals on rugged phones in the Ulefone Summer Brand Sale, you can visit the Ulefone Aliexpress store. (Article Source)

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