Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Can You Identify The Boss in 5 Seconds?

Throughout history, puzzles, riddles, and other brainteasers have been used to gauge a person's level of intelligence. Brain teasers are becoming harder to answer as a result of contemporary technology and the rise of the visual media. Even though people are becoming brighter, brain teasers these days still leave even the brightest individuals scratching their brains. (For More Puzzles and Brain Teaser IQ Test)

Do you think of yourself as smart? If so, here is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your abilities.

Find out whether you are truly brilliant by taking this brainteaser IQ test.

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Can You Identify The Boss In 5 Seconds?


Here is a scenario for you to analyse.

Three employees are talking in an office cabin.

Employee Number one is enthusiastically explaining something and is smartly dressed in a blue suit.

Number 2 is casually dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a yellow sweatshirt. He is intently listening and thinking while looking at his colleague.

Number 3 is standing and listening to Number 1. He has his glasses off and is also smartly dressed in formals.

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There is a master desk in the cabin and three chairs, one of which is likely the boss’s chair.

You have to guess who is the boss among the three individuals. But the catch is that you only have 5 seconds. Can you guess who is the boss in 5 seconds in this mind-boggling Brain Teaser IQ Challenge?

Your time starts now.

Brain Teaser IQ Challenge: Who Is The Boss Answer is here.

Did you have fun solving this brain teaser IQ challenge? Most people who got the answer right surely did. For others, better luck next time.

Let's come to the explanation now.

Number 2 can be simply eliminated because he's wearing casuals while others are dressed formally. Not that it's a certainty these days, but judging by his demeanour and seating (smallest desk, no computer, odd position), employee number 2 is definitely not the boss.

As for number 1, he does have the disposition of a top guy, but he isn’t the boss of the company either. Why? Because he’s wearing the blazer while the boss’s chair, the biggest one behind the biggest desk with the computer, already has a blazer wrapped around it.

This leaves only employee number 3 as the boss, who’s in a shirt and pants without a blazer.

Also, both employees are looking at number 3. Number 1 is talking, while number 2 seems to be awaiting the boss’s response. All this leads us to deduce that employee number 3 is the boss.

We’d like to remind you that these brain teasers are purely for fun and don’t really test anyone’s intelligence. Those who correctly guess the answers are smarter than the majority but that doesn’t mean that those who don’t are stupid. It’s just a matter of good days and bad days.

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