Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can you spot the mistake in Grocery Store Picture within 15 secs?

Try to find the mistake hidden inside this entertaining crossword puzzles of a grocery store.

Will you be able to spot the error in 15 seconds?

For those who appreciate solving entertaining games and riddles, try this brainteaser. Simple puzzles and riddles are made more engaging by brainteasers since they need creative thinking to solve. You must exercise your imagination and think beyond the box when solving these puzzles. Some brain teasers might serve as a lighthearted IQ test to determine your degree of intellect. Therefore, we have created an intriguing brainteaser in which you must find the error concealed inside the grocery store image. (For More Puzzles and Brain Teaser IQ Test)

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Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can you spot the mistake in Grocery Store Picture within 15 secs?

Image Source: Bright Side

You must find the error tucked away in the grocery store photo in the preceding image. Within 15 seconds, a perceptive mind may identify the error. Before responding to the question, carefully examine the image since the solution is straightforward yet challenging. Make careful you don't scroll too far and cheat since the answers to this brainteaser are immediately below the question.

Answer of Brain Teaser

Examine the image carefully in order to spot the error and complete the challenge. In the picture, a man is purchasing various food products and appears perplexed in some way. Groceries and other products are stocked around the store. The shop is having a Thanksgiving sale. Now pause for a bit and see if anything immediately strikes you as being inaccurate. Since it's a lesser detail than you may imagine, you probably won't spot the error right away. However, after a little while, you might be able to see the error in the question.

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The man's jacket's breast pocket is thus on the incorrect side, which is the solution to the riddle. The left breast of the jacket is where the pocket should be. Men's shirts and jackets typically include a breast pocket on the left side, where a pocket square or handkerchief can be displayed. Many customers will look for the error in the store's food and other grocery products. Finally, they discover a genuine error concealed within the man's jacket.

Some puzzles are only an observational exam, without necessarily requiring mathematical aptitude or creative problem-solving. It took less time and mental effort to tackle this difficult yet straightforward puzzle. But when you come up with the solution in a matter of seconds, it definitely feels amazing. This puzzle is only another entertaining IQ test. However, the best technique to determine your IQ level is to take an official IQ test.

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