George Clooney is asking $107 million for his Lake Como house

Arriving to his renowned Lake Como bachelor mansion in Northern Italy is George and Amal Clooney.

According to a source close to the "Batman and Robin" actor, he has listed it for a staggering €100 million ($107 million).

George Clooney is asking $107 million for his Lake Como house
George Clooney is asking $107 million for his Lake Como house

There have long been rumors that Clooney plans to sell his home on Lake Como.

Rumors of the sale have been circulating since 2010, when he was rumored to be considering selling as a result of the paparazzi attention he was attracting to the neighborhood.

The same rumors then surfaced once more in 2015, little than a year after he wed attorney Amal.

"George enjoys the neighborhood and the locals, but he is aware of the attention he attracts when he is in town. He's been presented with a sizable offer for the villa, which he's contemplating, and he would also purchase an other, less accessible home in a different region of Italy, a source informed us at the time.

Amal, according to rumors, prefers to remain at the gorgeous Domaine du Canadel home the Clooneys purchased in Provence, France, in 2021.

Clooney, who some have compared to "the mayor of the lake," reportedly pulled the trigger this time. You won't find it on Streeteasy, our insider said, because it's a "very quiet listing"!

He allegedly paid $10 million for the home from the Heinz family in 2002, so if he can fetch even close to the asking amount, he'll turn a healthy profit. (Not that he needs it – as well as being a top movie actor, he also made a fortune when his Casamigos tequila brand sold for a reputed $1 billion).

George and Amal appear to be continuing to enjoy the house while they still have the keys. Over the summer, they were seen there going on date nights at a number of the local eateries.

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