Is Cannabis Help You to Sleep? Risks and Benefits

Cannabis and it's affects on sperms
Cannabis and it's affects on sperms.

Why the short and long term sleep is a problem?

A research conducted on large population suggested that, long term sleep and short term sleep both affect badly on health. It may effect negatively on cardiovascular system. Sleep regulates our body to release such hormones which create stress. Lack of rest can cause stress hormones and amplify the body.

Long term sleep increased blood pressure, higher heart rate and inflammation.

Is Cannabis Help You to Sleep?

Cannabis can change the pattern of your sleep. It may alter your time spent in the different sleep stages. Cannabis have unwanted effect on sleep. Like sleepy all the time or feeling tired. In fact pharmaceutical industry is significantly using cannabis product for Non rapid eye movement (NREM). It is a condition in which a person get up with refresh energy.

A Person with significant insomnia, leading to worse anxiety and stress after the sleepless days and nights. There is an evidence of using cannabis in medicine for patients to sleep.

Cannabis have been recognized from more than 5000 years ago and recently it's been reemerged and became more accessible in the medical purposes. Cannabis usually used as a self medication for insomnia, a sleep disorder. As a self medication people using it as a plant dosage or in the form of (smoked, oral, vaporized). The consumption of the cannabis makes a person sleepy and tried in which state of mind person wants to sleep.

1. Can cannabis restore the natural sleep pattern?

Some people suggest to take cannabis to sleep more deeply but it more interfere with your REM sleep pattern. Sleep maintains our physical and mental health although and necessary for all beings. So many people facing insomnia mostly in adults. The reason is stress and depression. It's difficult for such patients to sleep easily. So the controversial cure is Cannabis, a Marijuana medical community refers to use cannabis with having low to no side effects. If you have a sleep disorder or you face a difficult hectic day cannabis would be a good choice. Because it restore your natural sleep pattern. Cannabis has anti anxiety properties which soothes the mind and relax the body after a deep sleep. Researches also showed sleep disorder is one of the most important cause in individuals reports using cannabis for medical purposes, chronic pain and mental illnesses.

2. Lack of sleep causes health issues

Sleep is essential in fact it's pattern and duration can also affects person's health. Researches shows later sleep timing or not to sleep enough can cause anxiety, stress and depression. Physical health like cardiovascular health can also be destroyed by wrong sleep pattern or not to get enough sleep.

Cannabinoids gaining acceptance in medical field for insomnia. The recent insomnia, treatment medications are H1 antagonists, benzodiazepines and hypnotic (e, g zopiclone, zolpidem etc) these medications has been used to treat insomnia but they have adverse effects as well, dizziness, drowsiness, weight gain, cognitive impairment, metabolic disorder and addiction of these dose.

Cannabis Risks and Benefits
Cannabis Risks and Benefits

3. Cannabis may make sleep worse specially for regular users

Cannabis users can fall you asleep or make you sleepy all the time but it may disturb your natural sleep cycle or it's a time to say 'sleep divorce'. If we analyzed the studies about sleep and cannabis it's come to know that we have lack of solid evidence whether cannabis helps to sleep or hurts the sleep.

4. Medicinal Cannabis affects

Studies show medicinal cannabis product have unwanted effect as well like all other medicine. These unwanted effects are drowsiness, feeling tired all the time, sleepy behavior.

5. CBD and Deep sleep

It effects both quantity and quality of sleep. It maintain the normal sleep Pattern of body by ensuring it's REM sleep without undue interruption. It helps the people with circadian rhythm disorder.

6. Cannabis and it's affects on sperms

If you are trying to conceive stop using cannabis or Marijuana. It lower the quality of sperms. It causes infertility in males. Using cannabis disturb the reproductive system of male and badly affects the quality of sperms. But it's very popular cannabis have great effect of nervous system as it reduce the anxiety and stress.

7. Risks and benefits

  1. Studies shows long term use of cannabis can have negative influence like can't sleep without dosage.
  2. The relaxing effects of cannabis doze varies person to person. Some take light amount and some take high amount.
  3. It induce sleep by suppressing arousal and increasing adenosine.
  4. It is helpful for post traumatic stress disorder and restless leg syndrome.

Cannabis, also called Marijuana and 70 percent of the adult population using it for easy go to sleep. 85 percent of population using it for pain relief. Although studies still are unaware whether it long term is beneficial it's destroy the neutral pattern of sleep.

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