Screen time for babies is helpful or hurtful?

Reasons to Avoid Screen Time
Reasons to Avoid Screen Time
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recommended to parents not to give screen as mobiles or tablets under 18 months old. It's the time a baby starts to speak, giggles, take short steps and recognize the family members. So family members should interact with each others and to use mobiles and tablets at front of babies. This is the quality time of babies which they spent with their family members and they learn alot. Screen time reduces the ability to learn new things. In fact a baby can't understand the emotions of others, he or she just ask for mobiles to fulfill its addiction. Exposure of mobiles in babies make them aggressive and stubborn,they loss the quality of interacting with other babies or to play with them.

1. Screen time and babies brain power

Early screen exposure in babies lower cognitive ability and academic performance. Social media and multimedia tasking affects babies behavior negatively, it disturb their sensory motor neuron and cognition as well. Their will be no academic outcomes if we give too much screen time to babies.

2. Screen and kids innocent eyes

Screen to babies giving at the age of 2 years or before 2 years has the risk of myopia as compare to babies after 3 years.

It's the disorder in which blurred vision and short-sightedness occur.

3. How much screen time is fine for babies

Studies show, babies spending 6 hours or more than it, having the chances of depression. A worldwide leading syndrome is depression, there is no medicine is manufacture to cure it. But antidepressant medications are available. Babies having depression, can't eat food good enough and they don't can't socialize with others. So the best screen timing is 30 minutes. The quality and type of screen time also play major role that which kind of material our babies are watching.

4. Screen time and babies behavior

1.Kids can't sleep easily who watch screens a lot.
2.It effects their emotions health and mental growth.
3.Physical growth also affected by mobiles and tablets. Because babies don't go outside they stay at their place for long time. So they don't feel hunger, slow metabolism and headache.

5. Age vise screen time

According to experts, under 2 years of age, screen time is zero. At the age of 3 years, it should be video chatting with family members and friends. After the age of 5 one hour is enough but at the co viewing of parents and siblings. 5 to 17 years old 2 hours are enough for them just for homework purpose.

6. Why not screen time before 2 years?

If we give smart phones to babies under 2 years of age, it delays the development of cognition and problem solving. Such kids can't understand the emotions of others and themselves. In fact they show anger and aggression for some extent. 2 years is the age in which a baby starts to walk and talk. Little words he tries to speak. But these gadgets delay the milestones of the age. These devices like, smart phones, tablets, smart watches and iPads.

Negative impact on mental health
Negative impact on mental health

7. Reasons to Avoid Screen Time

1. Sleeping Issues

Kids who watch screens a lot having sleep problems. Their eyes mostly sleepy and they want to sleep but they can't just because of sleep disorder Insomnia.

2. Obesity

Obesity is defined as too much mass on body or chubby figure, it's all because of to sit at a place for long time and watching smartphones. Such kind of life style make babies weighty, coward and dull. Obesity causes depression as well.

3. Behavioral problems

Sudden changes in behavior, like mood swings, aggression, violence, and crying after snatching gadgets. These are the main causes of behavioral problems by using smart phones, tablets and other gadgets.

4. Violence

Violence is a physical act in which a person harms others or to itself. The exposure of social media, containing violent content can make your baby violent. Violent kids make loud noises and show aggression too much on little things. These are psychological issues which they get from extra screen timing.

5. Academic Impairment

Screen timing affects brain development. Children who spend more time on screen, their cognition and perception are badly affected by such routines. They don't show good results in schools. Because they don't learn problem solving behavior. They are easily irritated by little more difficulties.

6. Anxiety

Consistent exposure of screen time, smart phones, personal computers, smart watches and ipads, gadgets, all these affect mental health. For kids, depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress are often the result of too much screen time. Continuity of videos, without any break, our brain needs break, and the brain of the children is very tender whatever you give it, it will learn. So videos without any break can give extreme anxiety.

7. Vision problems

Frequent screen timing can cause spectacles. The brightness of smartphones, ipads, tablets can badly harm eyesight. Blurred vision, short-sightedness, long sightedness, and glasses at a very younger age are the results of these screen mania.

8. Attention problems

Focus, attention, and concentration are the key points of learning. Screen time firstly destroys your baby's attention. He cannot focus on other things rather than phones.

9. Depression

Kids who spent more time on screen as compared to those, who spent their time on physical activities, are more keen to depression. They feel sadness and loneliness. They don't show warmth to others and don't like to play with friends and family.

10. Negative impact on mental health

Too much screen time affects mental health. Lekin depressed mind, stressful negative thoughts, hard to sleep and disturb behaviors.

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