Top 10 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings, Ranked By Cost

The costs of engagement rings are considered high, but these ten bands bought by celebrities exceed even stereotypical prices.

When it comes to engagement rings, Hollywood likes to splurge, and it's been proven now and then with celebs making a statement with their jaw-dropping engagement rings. From emeralds to diamonds to platinum—they have picked them all and left their fans spellbound with the cost of the engagement rings.

The additional highlight has been the size of the stones studded on these engagement rings, which adds drastically to the rings' value. The trend has been followed by celebs for the past few decades and looks like it's only going to continue. So here's a look at some of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings!

10. Sophie Turner's Unique $65,000 Ring
Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently got engaged.
So Joe proposed Turner with a diamond ring back in 2017. They exchanged wedding vows in 2019 with two massive wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas and South France each. Soon after the wedding, the Game of Thrones actress was spotted sporting her wedding ring on several occasions. However, she made a debut with her wedding ring on Instagram first. The experts estimate the pear-shape diamond ring to be at least worth $20,000, if not less. However, they are also of the opinion that the price of the ring may be up to $65,000.

9. Anne Hathaway's $150,000 Regal Engagement Ring
Anne's engagement ring was exceptional for both her and her fiancée, Adam Shulman. They exchanged wedding rings in 2012. The main reason why the ring is so unique for them both is that the ring was designed by Adam himself, with some assistance from Kwiat Jewellers. The ring has a 6-carat emerald diamond that sits on the diamond-studded solid band. The value of the gorgeous ring has been estimated at around 150,000 dollars. Solitaire rings have been the favorite choice of couple's undoubtedly. It's an unrivaled choice, and Anne's ring was no different.

8. Priyanka Chopra's Tiffany Engagement Ring Worth $200,000
PeeCee dated Nick Jonas for a couple of months before finally saying yes to him. Reportedly Jonas bought a ring from Tiffany & Co. to propose to the actress. It was a beautiful cushion cut sparkling diamond set on a silver ring. For weeks both the actors didn't disclose the ring to their fans. However, when Chopra's friend, Raveena Tandon, shared a picture of herself with the former on Instagram, it accidentally gave us a clear glimpse of the ring. The ring has been estimated to be somewhere around 200,000 dollars. The cushion cut diamond ring weighs around 4 carats.

7. Meghan Markle's Royal Engagement Band Worth $350,000
Prince Charming proposed Markle in 2017 with a massive diamond ring wearing three diamonds fixed in a yellow band made of gold. However, it was reported that Meghan customized the band a bit according to her choice later on.

She was seen wearing the modified version when she appeared with her new-born child. According to experts, the cost of the ring would be anything around $350,000, if not more. Meghan also set a new trend of engagement rings with this type of design, which was not followed by brides previously.

6. Lady Gaga's $400,000 Opulent Engagement Ring
Lady Gaga had put all the rumors of her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Christian Carino to rest in 2018. She was seen showing off a pink shade ring. According to experts, the ring carried a six or a 7-carat sapphire in a pink shade, which could be Padparadscha with diamond halo taking the weight of the ring to 3 to 4 carat. The cost of the hefty ring was estimated to be 400,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the American singer called it quits with her fiancée in 2019.

5. Scarlett Johansson's $450,000 11-Carat Diamond Ring
The American actress flaunted her fancy and expensive engagement ring for the first time at the Comic Con in San Diego a couple of months post her engagement to her comedian beau.

The couple always tried to keep mum about their relationship in public, and so when they exchanged the engagement rings in 2019, they preferred to keep them to themselves for two months. According to a search engine for jewelry, the ring has been studded with an old-cut diamond, which is antique and is crystal clear. The estimated worth for the ring would be around $450,000.

4. Kate Middleton's Illustrious $500,000 Engagement Band
When Prince William got engaged to his girlfriend Kate Middleton in 2010, it was done generously through an illustrious sapphire ring. It's been said that the ring has some special meaning for the prince. The ring was Princess Diana's (William's mother) possession, who died in an accident. To make sure his mother became a part of his wedding, he offered the ring to his now-wife. The ring has been woven around a 12-carat blue sapphire, which is surrounded by 14 solitaires. The cost of the ring today is about $500,000. When it was created initially, the estimated value of the ring was £28,000, which has now shot up to £300,000.

3. Jennifer Lopez With A 15-Carat Engagement Ring Worth Approximately $1 Million
Jennifer Lopez finally nodded in a yes to Alex Rodriguez after dating him for almost two years. The actor wooed the actress with an expensive 15-carat diamond engagement ring. Soon after both, the actors disclosed the news of their engagement on Instagram, different jewelry search engines started racking their brains to state the worth of the ring. One search engine stated it was worth to be less than $1 million, while the other marked it at $4.5 million. The weight of the ring is estimated to be 20 carats.

2. Paris Hilton And Her Flamboyant Diamond Engagement Ring Worth $2 Million
Paris Hilton was proposed to by her fiancée most romantically on a mountaintop covered with snow in 2018. Chris Zylka popped the question of his life to the singer and model with a pricey ring. It was a pear-cut diamond ring weighing 20 carats and was surrounded by 2 carats smaller solitaire. The ring was designed by popular jeweler, Greene, and Co. The cost of that ring was estimated to be approximately 2 million dollars. However, the two soon parted their ways.

1. Katy Parry's Sweet Ruby Engagement Ring Worth $2.5 Million
Katy Perry took to Instagram to announce her engagement with Orlando Bloom on the day of love, Valentine's Day. Bloom proposed the singer with a sweet and unique ring featuring a pink stone that is being considered to be either a pink diamond or ruby. The size of the ring is being estimated at 2-2 ½ carat. The ring might be carrying a price tag of anything between the range of $500,000 to $2,000,000 or more than that, no one knows. The ring went on to become the inspiration for many brides to be.

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