Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful & Sexiest Female Sports Referees Right Now

Female referees are getting popular in both male and female sports. In recent years some sports allowed female to do get officials job in international match events. There is big number of sexiest models who are turning themselves for the sports referees jobs like other hottest sports women. They are working under the referees development program to get fully trained.

10. Brigitte Tyler : Rugby: (New Zealand)
Brigitte Tyler is a professional female rugby referee she is part of New Zealand rugby league match officials team. She is selected for the Women’s Sevens Exhibition Game and become first female to be part of HBSC World Men’s Sevens Series match referees team.

9. Lucy Oliver: Football: (England)
Lucy Oliver is a professional referee for the (women football league) in United Kingdom. She is married to the premier league official (Michael Oliver) in 2015.

8. Belinda Sleeman: Rugby: (New Zealand)
Belinda Sleeman is professional rugby female referee she made history after making debut in the (NRL rugby league) in New Zealand. She is among dominated female referees of Rugby.

7. Sian-Massey-Ellis: Football: (England)
Sian-Massey-Ellis is the full time lines-man. Who made appearance in the Premier League matches. She is rise to fame as match official from (UEFA Women’s Champions League. Later become official in FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification rounds).

6. Lauren Holtkamp : Basketball: (United States)
Lauren Holtkamp is a professional basketball referee, she is third female to become the (full-time NBA referee). Before turning pro she completes her job five years in (NBA Development League seasons). In 2014-15 NBA season she become official full time National Basketball League referee.

5. Desislava Bozhilova: Snooker: (Bulgaria)
She made her professional debut in 2012 at Bulgaria Open from the match between (Robbie Williams vs Daniel Wells). Her ambition in snooker to become best referee and get selected for as many matches as possible to get good experience.

4. Elena Tambini: Football: (Italy)
Elena Tambani is a model and full time football referees minor football leagues in Italy. She gets attention while doing her job as official in football match.

3. Aurélie Sarà Bollier: Football: (Switzerland)
Aurélie Sarà Bollier is a professional referee in Switzerland, she is a full time referee in (Swiss amateur leagues) and hopeful to make her career prominent. She gets huge fan following due to her pretty looks.

2. Proletina Velichkova: Snooker: (Bulgaria)
Proletina Velichkova also made her professional snooker match referee debut in 2012 from (Bulgaria Open). She is selected for match official job between (Matthew Stevens v Allan Taylor). Her aim is to get better skills as snooker referee to get more tournaments matches.

1. Fernanda Colombo Uliana: Football: (Brazil)
Fernanda Colombo Uliana she is a professional assistant referee in international football matches and she performed her duties in Brazilian football league. Uliana most searched Brazil personality after she made her appearance in Brazilian football league.

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