Bali-based Huge Boobs actress Jessica Iskandar appears unfazed amid alleged sex tape scandal

Indonesians have been kept busy with several celebrity scandals in the past few days, one of which allegedly involves actress Jessica “Jedar” Iskandar. Jedar’s name came up as the woman on a widely circulating sex tape that went viral over the weekend, which has since been indirectly described by the actress’ sibling as part of a “black campaign.”

It’s been pretty wild on Indonesian social media, to say the least, as netizens flocked across platforms to discuss a couple of sex tapes, one purportedly featuring singer/actress Gisel Anastasia, and the other showing someone said to be Jedar. 

Alongside those is the photo of a naked woman in a hotel room that surfaced this morning likened to Anya Geraldine, one of the country’s most popular social media influencers. Unsurprisingly, their names have been topping the trending charts on social media. 

Jedar, who not too long ago packed her bags and moved to Bali, has so far kept silent about the scandal, to her credit. She appears unfazed on Instagram, where she has more than 25.4 million followers, as she posts self-portraits, product endorsements, and her son El Barack per usual on her story and feed.

Though people are still hotly discussing the existence of this sex tape, many have also come out to say that the woman on it looks nothing like Jedar.

“It’s not similar. It’s not Jessica,” one user said on Instagram.

“I’m sure it wasn’t you. Just firmly deny it. Don’t accept being likened like that,” another user commented. 

Jedar’s brother Erick Bana Iskandar has come forward to deny the allegations and went on to describe the scandal as part of a “black campaign” against his sister, while asking netizens to ponder upon how deeply damaging these things are.

“But have you ever thought about how the people targeted by black campaigns might be sad, disappointed, and upset that their names are tied to something that they have never done? How people are reacting to the victim? How does their family react to it? And [to think of] the child who knows nothing,” Erick wrote on a story post on Instagram, referring to El.

“And all of you without realizing have participated in the black campaign by discussing it, mentioning, and spreading the news. Please reflect on this.”

Spreading pornography is illegal in Indonesia. Though Jedar has remained silent during this scandal, she could, in theory, press charges against whoever falsely accused her of being the woman in the sex tape for online defamation under Indonesia’s Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE), which is a serious crime that is punishable by up to four years in prison.

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