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It’s the dream of countless men all around the world to meet a beautiful, Ukrainian girl for dating, marriage, or just a little fun. It should come as no surprise that meeting hot Ukrainian girls is quite a bit different (and better) than meeting an attractive girl in the West. While the process isn’t super difficult, there are a few things you should know before diving in. Today, we’re giving you some of our best tips and tricks for meeting hot Ukrainian girls both in-person and online.

Let’s get started!

Meeting Hot Ukrainian Girls in Everday Life

One of my favorite parts of Ukrainian culture is that men are not shamed for striking up conversations with attractive girls on the street.

In the West, men have actually gotten in trouble for doing just this. While I would speculate that these men were probably horribly awkward and approaching the wrong types of girls, you can take comfort in the fact that nobody will bat an eyelash at you running a little “day game” on Ukrainian girls.

These conversations are often simple, indirect and rather innocent. They almost always start off with the phrase “Excuse me, do you speak English?”

This phrase is powerful in Ukraine. I’ve said it countless times before. No other opening line has the ability to screen out if a girl can communicate with you and if she’s interested in talking to you so quickly. On top of this, the phrase offers perfect deniability if her husband or boyfriend pops out of nowhere. You’re just asking a simple question, after all!

Daytime Conversations With Ukrainian Girls

And while I hate to break it to you, 30% of the time she will simply say “No,” and walk away. This is completely okay, as it has screened out girls that are naturally uninterested in chatting. You don’t want to waste your time with them anyways. Don’t take this stuff personally, it’s all part of the game!

The other 70% of the time, the girl will probably look at you with a slightly nervous glance and say, “Yes, a little.”


English levels in Ukraine vary quite significantly, with some girls being fluent and others knowing just enough to get by. Remember to speak slowly when talking with Ukrainian girls, and keep conversations simple and to the point.

Once you have “opened” her, the next thing to do is ask for help with something small. This can include looking for a particular street, a supermarket, tourist attraction, etc.

Try this one on for size…

“I’m looking for a supermarket. I just came here and am new to the town. In America, there are supermarkets on every corner, but they seem to be hidden here and I can’t find them.“

You can see that I’ve dropped obvious “bait” into this conversation with the bolded text. On top of this, the question is set up as an obvious one. Most grocery stores in the city centers of Ukraine are underground, beneath smaller shopping malls. She knows this, but as a foreigner, you don’t.

The reason this style of conversation works so well is that it allows a girl who is naturally interested in you to push the conversation along.

If you’re lucky, she will respond as so…

“America? Wow, that’s so cool, what you do here in Ukraine?”

This is exactly what you want when approaching girls in the daytime in Ukraine.

Keep Things Going

A convenient follow up can go like so…

“Oh, I’m just here for a little while because I’m traveling through the area and wanted to see Kyiv. I’m actually in a little bit of a rush, but do you want to give me your Instagram and I’ll text you later? I’d love to hang out with someone local.”

In an ideal scenario, she obliges. Proceed with setting up a quick coffee date the next day or so.

Little conversations like these are very normal in Ukraine and many girls would be happy to have a coffee with a foreigner. Don’t forget, you’re a hot commodity to these girls!

The trick here is to gauge interest, and not to mind if she rejects you.

The girl could have just as easily said: “Oh, no thanks. I have a boyfriend.” On the flip side, she could have just told you where to go and been unimpressed with the fact that you’re a foreigner.

There is a whole art and science to approaching girls on the street. These phrases, however, give you a primer on just where to start.

Above all else, treat this like you’re just having normal conversations during throughout your day. Make this a habit, and you’re setting yourself up for success with Ukrainian women.

Pro-tip: The Supermarket

I know, I know. This sounds super weird, but hear me out.

Supermarkets present perfect opportunities to meet girls in Ukraine, provided you are strategic and only approach one girl during your trip. The last thing you want to do is for someone to pick up on what you’re doing. Every trip to the supermarket in Ukraine is a chance to meet a cute new girl, and here’s how you do it.

Remember how I told you to be indirect in your approaches, and ask for help with something small?

A Ukrainian supermarket presents endless opportunities for these exchanges to take place.

For example, Ukrainian supermarkets often sell 4-5 different products that all look like milk. I’ve made the mistake of purchasing Kvass (a Russian yogurt drink), heavy cream, and whatever the hell else as they are all packaged the same as milk, and sold in the same section of the supermarket.

Every time I used to go grocery shopping in Ukraine, I would generally browse around the store until I saw a cute girl approach the milk section. From there, I would walk up, spent 30 seconds looking confused and drop the “Excuse me, do you speak English?” line.

Become the cute, foreign guy who appears in her life out of nowhere.

This is the stuff that romantic comedies are made from. Be that guy!

Drop A Question

“Which one of these is milk? There’s like 5 different things here that all look like milk and I have no idea which is which. Can you help me?”

Drop a playful smile while you’re at it. This opener has worked more times than I can count.

Just like the above example of a girl knowing that supermarkets can often be hidden in Ukraine, she knows that there are a bunch of different products that all closely resemble milk.

Chances are, the girl will look at you with an endearing smile and show you which strangely shaped package actually is the milk you’re trying to buy.

Once that’s done, carry the conversation on.

“Thanks, so are you from Ukraine originally? I just came here from _________. It’s so different than what I’m used to.”

…and so forth.

Gauge her interest, be chatty, and get her contact info before parting ways.

Hot Ukrainian Girls In The Club

Let’s say that the idea of meeting girls on the street is a bit nerve-wracking for you, and you’re a bit less than enthusiastic about casually approaching in the dairy section of the supermarket. Perhaps you’re the kind of guy who likes to loosen up with a few drinks and hit the town to meet girls.

Well, I have good and bad news for you.

Ukraine, like every other country in the world, is home to numerous nightclubs where young girls will often go out to drink, party, and forget about the world. Nightlife in Kyiv can be pretty decent!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that meeting Ukrainian girls in the club is necessarily your best strategy.

A typical Ukrainian “going out” situation involves 5-6 people making reservations at a nightclub and sitting around a table drinking alcohol all night. There are actually just a few Western-style bars in most large Ukrainian cities, where everyone is standing around in shared space and where you can strike up conversations easily.

Finding socialization-friendly venues can be a real challenge in Ukraine. Your best bet is to do your best to locate more communal venues in whichever city you are in, and frequent those.

Do your homework before going out in Ukraine, and scope out the logistics of each venue you plan to hit. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up in a stuffy bottle service club where your approach opportunities are less than spectacular.

Creative Club Game in Ukraine

Saying that, I’ve had some smashing successes approaching girls while waiting in line to get into a particular venue, in the hallways of nightclubs, and generally anywhere other than a table where she and her friends are sitting.

If you see a table that’s full of girls, I’d say that you can have a go at walking up to them and thinking of something clever to say. Even still, the odds are stacked against you. Ask yourself: who’s paying for the bottles? In Ukraine, it’s probably not the girls themselves.

If there are other guys sitting at the table with the girls, I wouldn’t even try. It’s a bit disrespectful, as you really don’t know who is dating who, and the last thing you want to do is start up a conflict in the club.

All in all, meeting Ukrainian girls in nightclubs is doable, but a bit more challenging than meeting them during the daytime, or even on the internet.

And sure, we can all dream about hitting on hot Ukrainian girls in the club. It sounds glamorous, after all. But, what about those of us who aren’t actually in Ukraine yet?

This is where online dating comes into play, and let me tell you, is it a sweet option.

Meeting a Hot Ukrainian Online

Online dating is absolutely huge right now, even places Ukraine.

I’ll be honest, at first, I was highly skeptical of online dating, especially outside of the United States. I was always the kind of guy who liked to approach girls in person, and have a “connection.”

That was until I actually gave it a try, and realized what I was missing out on.

There’s countless scam dating sites that are based in Ukraine, and while I’ve had varying luck with services like Tinder or even Instagram, there’s one dating site that has been a literal goldmine for me.

That website is Ukraine Date. Signing up for an account is totally free, and lets you start chatting with thousands of hot Ukrainian girls right away. Check out our full review on the site here.

While in years past, you actually had to travel to Ukraine to meet these Slavic beauties, you can now start meeting Ukrainian women from wherever you happen to be in the world.

That, my friends, is not something you can put a price tag on.

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