Paris Hilton Sex Tape: What She Thinks about her Scandal

Paris Hilton was one of the original influencers before platforms like Instagram & Twitter were ever created. Hilton was the Kim Kardashian of the Myspace area. Remember Myspace? Hilton’s sex tape was released four years before Kardashians famous sex tape.

Hilton was at an all-time high in the early 2000s. She was already in the national spotlight as the heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune. She also was a model at nineteen, signing onto Donald Trump’s modeling agency. Her modeling career landed her on The Simple Life, a budding reality show co-starring her friend Nicole Richie.

he Simple Life followed the two young socialites as they tried to perform menial & straightforward jobs like cleaning hotel rooms & working as camp counselors to more manual jobs like farm work & fast food service. Shortly after the reality show premiered on Fox, Hilton’s ex, Rick Salomon, released their sex tape.

Hilton’s sex tape, or 1 Night in Paris, was originally filmed in 2001 when Hilton was nineteen, and Salomon was in his early thirties. At the time of its release, Hilton claimed she was “out of it,” had no idea what was going on, and did not agree to its release. Salomon sued her for defamation over her comments.

Flash forward over a decade later, and Hilton released the documentary This is Paris to show the real woman behind the media sensation & dispel common misconceptions about her – one being the 2003 sex tape.

In the documentary, Hilton maintains she never agreed to release the sex tape. However, she did agree to be filmed, assuming it would stay between her & Salomon. The sex tape was a huge controversy. Many people didn’t believe Hilton and insisted she released the tape as a publicity stunt.

Today she’s grateful for movements like #MeToo that have flipped the narrative. In an interview about the documentary with Sky News, Hilton told the outlet, “I’m happy for the future of women that they wouldn’t have to go through something like that because it’s one of my biggest regrets of my life and something that will traumatize me for the rest of my life.”

After watching the documentary and reliving the sex tape controversy, Hilton doesn’t recognize herself in it. She explained to Sky News, “I was so lost and just sad and lonely. Having to travel 250 days out of the year by myself, in foreign countries, with strangers everywhere . . . it was obviously a very lonely life.”

Hilton is now in a relationship with Carter Reum, a fellow entrepreneur, and claims he’s the perfect man and makes her feel safe to open her heart up for the first time. She’s moved on to achieving her goal of billion-dollar net worth. Hilton performs as a DJ and is a stout businesswoman, owning product lines ranging from fragrances & fashion to storefronts worldwide.

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