Sex Tape Emerged Female Teacher Raped Student about 25 Times

Rene Carter, a former teacher at Capital High School in Montana, US, had been facing a trio of statutory rape charges from 2015 after a sex tape of her with the teenage boy emerged

A female teacher originally facing three charges of raping a student 25 times has avoided jail because of a plea agreement.

Rene Carter was arrested and charged after a sex tape of the teacher and student emerged and officials called police.

The Billings Gazette reports the now former teacher at Capital High School in Montana, US, had been facing a trio of statutory rape charges from 2015.

But she has now been able to enter a guilty plea to a charge of felony criminal endangerment instead at the Lewis and Clark County District Court.

The paper said she had been initially charged with three counts of felony sexual intercourse without consent but Carter could enter an Alford plea to the felony charge of criminal endangerment.

Under the Alford plea, she does not admit guilt but rather that the evidence if presented at trial would likely lead to a conviction.

As part of the agreement the state amended the first rape charge to be a criminal endangerment charge and dropped two additional rape charges.

In entering the plea agreement, prosecutors cited her lack of past criminal record, input from the victim and acknowledged steps she has taken since charges were filed.

For the criminal endangerment offence, Carter was given a three-year deferred sentence and will remain on probation during that time.

All standard conditions will be placed on Carter and she will be ordered to pay $80 (£65) in fees, the paper reports.

They said according to County Attorney Leo Gallagher, Carter was not ordered to pay any restitution, but if the student wishes to, he can do this through civil action.

The paper says Carter was accused of statutory rape after alleged video of her engaging in inappropriate contact with the student on June 8, 2015 surfaced.

A complaint filed by Helena police detective Kent Anderson alleged that Carter had repeated sexual intercourse with the student between February 2015 and June 2015.

The police launched an investigation after Capital High School Principal Brett Zanto told detectives about the sex tape.

Though initially denying any sexual relationship with Carter, the student would eventually allege to authorities that he had sex with her about 25 times.

The teenager was over Montana's age of consent at the time but students are not permitted to consent to sex with someone that has authority over them, in this instance, his teacher.

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