Minecraft is defeated by Subway Surfers to become the most popular speedrun mobile game

With over 2.7 billion downloads in 2019, Subway Surfers was deemed the most popular mobile game of the previous ten years.

  • Speedruns game Subway Surfers are increasingly popular.
  • Nearly 18,000 people are playing right now.
  • In 2019 reported that Subway Surfers was the most downloaded mobile game in the previous ten years.

With a total of 26,000 users, it has twice as many users than Minecraft. These athletes are primarily from Brazil. Brazilians make up 64% of the top 200 runners on the list.

Although there is essentially no end to the game, it is still the favourite among players. In the "no coins" category of the game, which is the most popular, players are only required to try to get as far as they can without collecting any coins.

TikTok is a factor in the game's popularity and resurgence. Some users started sharing text-to-speech recordings of their gameplays for subway surfers. Along with that, a habit of playing through gameplays to the game's theme song attracted players.

Subway Surfers was named the most downloaded mobile game of the last ten years in 2019 with over 2.7 billion downloads. It can be downloaded for free and used by players of any age.

Because they are brief, the runs are addictive. In the no coin category, even the top players have been able to surpass six minutes.

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