Suzuki displays new prototype vehicles at the Pakistan Auto Show in 2022

Suzuki unveils new sample models at Pakistan Auto Show 2022 

The automaker showcases seven new cars that could debut soon.

Masafumi Harano San, managing director of Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), unveiled numerous sample products from PSMC in the SUV, MPV, small, and hatchback categories on Friday while addressing at the Pakistan Auto Show.

Our goal with regard to our consumers is to upgrade their lifestyle through our products and move them toward a premium offering. Masafumi Harano said.

He emphasised the significance of Suzuki's "consumer-as-boss" operating model moving ahead and expressed his belief that other industry participants will share similar perspective.

The potential automobiles are as follows:

  1. Suzuki Hustler (660 cc Mild Hybrid)
  2. Suzuki WangonR Stingray (660cc Mild Hybrid)
  3. Suzuki Xbee  (1000 cc turbo Mild Hybrid)
  4. Suzuki WagonR (660cc Mild Hybrid)
  5. Suzuki Every (660 cc)
  6. Suzuki Ertiga (1500cc) 7-seater
  7. XL7 – (1500 cc) 7-seater

Masafumi Harano's thoughts were echoed by PSMC Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) Aamir Shaffi, who also emphasised the Suzuki Swift's achievement, which he described as a "runaway success story."

Shaffi declared, "Now that we've successfully entered the premium hatchback market, it's time for us to transform the automotive landscape by stepping up into various categories and launching groundbreaking cars.

PSMC experienced incredible success in FY22. It remains to be seen if these potential models will enable PSMC to weather the storm that will hit the automobile sector next year. Suzuki has made a clear statement on both, bolstering its core business and positioning itself to compete with rivals with this potential lineup.

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