GTA 6 is the greatest leak in video game history!


The significant Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 leak was a topic that dominated the internet last Sunday (18). It's the largest leak in video game history, not just a leak. Over 90 videos including early game footage and more sharing of the game's source code were released by an anonymous hacker. Jason Schreier, a journalist from Bloomberg, had already confirmed the accuracy of the information, but now Rockstar Games has confirmed what happened and expressed its "deep disappointment" in public.

The firm claims in a tweet that it won't permanently stop providing active services for any of its projects or games. The production studio is also disappointed in how the upcoming GTA 6's screenshots and video clips have been distributed online.

"A unauthorised third party broke into our system. It has unauthorised access to and downloads of sensitive data from our systems. That contains previews of the forthcoming GTA's early development. We currently don't foresee any service interruptions for our games. We are not delaying the advancement of our long-term projects either.

We are very upset that any information about our future game has been disclosed to you in this manner. We'll continue working on the new GTA as scheduled. Our objective is to provide our players with an experience that goes above and beyond their expectations. We'll keep everyone informed as soon as we can. Of course, once the game is prepared, we'll introduce them to it. I appreciate the help in this matter.

There is no anticipated date for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. However, we anticipate the release of a "announcement trailer" shortly. After all, the secret is lost due to the abundance of leaks. A trailer for the 2022 Game Awards' announcement has been suggested by rumours. However, considering the volume of information available, it may happen sooner than anticipated.

GTA 6 and The largest leak in video gaming history

One of the most eagerly awaited games is the forthcoming instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series. This game has long been requested and anticipated by the public. There are whispers of a potential GTA 6 announcement around every significant event in the video game industry. After the GTA Remastered Trilogy debacle, Rockstar began to formally reveal information about the impending title. The business apparently moved its attention to the following game. Red Dead Online's support has recently been discontinued in order to concentrate on the new game.

The next game's development has been confirmed by Rockstar. However, it never made information about the game publicly available. Now, the largest leak in the history of the video game belongs to the leaker who posted almost 90 films containing early material. It verifies many of the game's speculations and reveals everything Rockstar has omitted to say.

With Sony, a similar circumstance occurred back in the year 2020. When The Last of US Part II DLC was leaked ahead of the game's release, PlayStation Studios' Naughty Dog experienced a similar mishap. There were significant narrative spoilers in the text. In the case of GTA 6, there will undoubtedly be some spoilers. They are, however, much smaller and only serve to support certain story points.

The GTA 6 leak contains a crucial section. It appears that the person had access to the game's source code as well. That's a key component of this leak and an important consideration for Rockstar. This leak contains multiple breaches.

The company that owns Rockstar, Take-Two, is attempting to "manage" the issue and minimise harm. However, the company's shares are declining this morning as a result of the latest leak. This Monday, the share price has already decreased by 6%.

GTA 6 Story Plot

Multiple sources indicate that GTA 6 will include a female protagonist for the first time in the game. A male protagonist will also appear, and the two will go on a sort of "Bonnie and Clyde" journey. Jason is the name of the male protagonist, while Lucia is the name of the female.

Vice City, the virtual Miami in the game, is said to be returning. The leak contains some information that supports Vice City. Others suggest going back to Liberty City. We'll have to wait for additional information, but the game's map may be larger than GTA 5's.

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