Samsung in Big Trouble: Thousands of Customers Want to Sue Over Poor Quality of Its Foldable Devices


Many Samsung Galaxy Z owners who are dissatisfied with the branded foldable smartphones are thinking about suing the company because they believe the gadgets are of low quality and that its certified repair services are ineffectual.

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Customers who have had damage occur to their foldable smartphones shortly after purchasing them contest Samsung's claim that the most recent models of its foldable smartphone family are extremely durable.

Due to the poor quality of its foldable cellphones, users want to sue Samsung

According to the Polish news site Instalki, an increasing number of owners of Galaxy Z family handsets are joining the attempt to sue the Korean firm collectively. They assert that because the goods cost more than 1,000 euros, they are dissatisfied with their quality. And over 2,000 euros in the case of the Galaxy Z Fold series devices.

As a result, there are currently about 1,100 members. They mostly voice their complaints regarding problems with the screen protectors on the gadgets. They assert that the primary hinge component eventually ends up rising with continued use.

Samsung advises the afflicted customers to go to one of the authorised repair facilities. When a replacement protective film is provided without charge within the warranty period. a few clients. However, they note that their actual experiences were considerably different from their expectations. And that mending their gadgets was not covered under the warranty's repair.

Now, the future of the lawsuit remains uncertain. Samsung, for its part, said nothing further about this occurrence. We shall thus continue to follow the course of events.

The experience of customers who choose to give this sort of gadget a chance seems to be very different from what these firms claim, regardless of how much Samsung and the other companies strive to enhance the reputation of their foldables in terms of resistance. One thing is certain, though: there is still controversy around the durability of foldable cellphones. 

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